every time it snows
the flakes look different

they fall through the sky differently as well

today they were floating
landing in piles

today they look like we imagine
when we think of snowflakes
tiny crystalline stars

I do mean tiny, like the size of a sesame seed

I put out the red cloth for them to land on
the other photos are taken on my car

we are officially in the season of snow and ice
i love snowflake season


Autumn Ice

nights have been freezing
so have my ponds

i love the geometrical shapes
like faceted gems

like a dream
gazing through ice
autumn leaves
grace the creeks floor

pond fish
have begun their quiet
hibernation like existence under ice

and today it is snowing
one inch so far



Tiny Realm of Lichen and Fungi

they call us pixie cups
we are tiny 
and live in the sylvan land

we grow in fanciful shapes

i have been enjoying the tiny realm of
fungi and lichen

they grow on trees
in wonderful colors

on rocks
even the black and gray speckles are lichen!

I look forward to getting to know them better


A Glimpse of this past Week

autumn colors

skies thrilling

mist from cold nights and warm-ish days

First Snow arrived

joy inspiring

next day 
a dusting is all that is left of the snow
sunshine greets us with a blue sky

stone paths i make for my grandsons joy
 as well as fairy boats made of walnuts and wine corks

(do you have any suggestions for simple fun tiny boats for my ponds and my grandsons?)

today it rains

all in a week
late autumn



Fairy Barf

how there are endless new things to discover

Fairy puke
(a lichen)
now how can they call it that!
I feel concern, the fairies will get mad.

look at that turquoise stuff
it literally coats an entire tree stump
right over the moss and all
then these tiny pink apothecia grow

a wee island of mushrooms
found in a dark wet mossy canyon

beginning to dry out
waves of gills become art

another new one to me
Chlorociboria aeruginascens
green elfcup

it is such a joy to find new colors in the woods

as i continue learning about mushrooms
i decided to try a spore print
the black and orange fabric: a table cloth
on top of that is a sheet of plastic
i took a mushroom cap and laid it gill side facing down with a glass jar on top
next day i lifted it
a spore print
so beautiful and even 3-D

spore prints are one of the many ways to help identify which mushroom 
you have found

there won't be many more mushrooms this season 
as days are quite cool and nights freezing now



Montana Glimpses

some trees have dropped their leaves
a perfect perch for a
Bald Eagle

some trees still cloaked in their golds

leaves float upon the pond

last night 
was the first night 
that the ponds froze

these beautiful flowers celebrating life
in front of the health food store
not sure how many frosts they can exist through

autumn beckons life to sink below the surface of the earth
to rest deeply
till next year

I am enjoying the last of autumns
fungal beauty



DC: Cover

under the cover of shade
and light

a red leaf 

under cover
protection of branches
a mushroom dries
changing form and chemical
to become just right food

the squirrel
under cover of golden Tamarack needles and branches
nearly hidden in shade

eating a dry mushroom

under cover
of the thick forest
a rosy mushroom thrives
bathed in soft evening light

under the cover of clouds
light gently caresses

Lovely Ariane has hosted DC this weekend 
with the theme: Cover
for me, what is held, covered, protected
came to mind

thank you Ariane


Fungi Fruiting

violet gills
brilliant green
fabulous together

nearly hidden by autumn debris

wild and wonderful expressions

had to share some autumn foliage

it's a family affair
• ♫♫♫•

so fun to find mushrooms I have never seen
these orange balls were tiny

been finding many in trees
(such good fun)

this has been a colorful autumn!