Late Spring into The Beginning of Summer

It has been a long since posting here. 
I post on Instagram regularly, in case you are interested. 

The male cones of the Lodgepole pines were heavy laden with pollen.
We have had many big storms which brought down seemingly endless trees. 
One of my 6 trees that came down was a pine and a perfect opportunity to harvest pollen and explore super-food medicine making with it. 

I gently shook the branch so you could see how much comes off a gentle shake.
It was a time intensive experience. So lovely to be in the woods, collecting the male cones, serenaded by the birds and amazing scent of pine trees. 

wild orchids are blooming, some have come and gone,
the lovely ladyslipper:

summer light igniting a new born leaf:

a new find along the ponds shore,
I have learned they are snail eggs:

A deer ate that one along with the plant
but there are more
I hope to see the snails arrive
tiny treasures abound

This might be a newborn snail from one of the egg sacks?
It was on the end of a blade of grass

I wish you all a lovely summer. 
I hope to post more often, time will tell.