Great Grey Owl for Halloween

walking through the woods
feeling the soft give to the forest floor
even though it snowed 4 inches last night

looked up to watch snow plopping from trees above

there you were
a great grey owl
looking into my eyes

a calm majestic being
sitting at the meadow's edge


so perfect for Halloween

lovely celebrations to one and all  


Colors of a Season

this autumn has filled it's days
with a brilliant show of colors

light and shadow dance

a delight for our eyes

gals getting their gobble on:

Tamaracks don their golds

ankles of trees
cloaked in leaves

the storm could not veil all the sun's light

forest walks delight
wee fungi kin

but today
is another facet of autumn:



Frosty Beauties

morning light
our mundane world 
overflows with magical life

frost it grows
in endless expression

texture color
ice that grows over night
 temporal magnificence

my heart will never be the same

 your presence has changed me


An Autumn Blessing

may your path be bright and clear

may your heart always hear
the singing of the leaves
dancing of the trees
whispers of the wind
telling who are kin
may peace also abound
joy and laughter be your friend
let all journeys fill your life with beauty love and light


Polebridge Montana
October 2012


The Voices of the Day

the voices of the day
call to me
call to me
first the rivers song
rolling over rocks
whispers to my ear

the more i listen
the more i hear

the swell of the breeze
mingling with the trees
and their dry leaves
music in the air

autumn grass quite dry
bending in the breeze
crisp sounds they do make

the more i listen 
the more i hear
I went camping up the North Fork, Polebridge area last week
Autumn is entirely beautiful this year...


Frostly Morning

woke to 18F
morning light soft and bright

snow berries and leaves dressed in crystalline ice

forest strawberries still green
others cloaked in pinks salmon and dusty rose

autumns colors beauty be

was on my way to yoga.....
never made it there
for beauty everywhere
stopped me in my tracks

is a light word
for the feelings i have in the midst of ice crystals
and their mystical light



This Morning ~

last night
rain fell, on and on
our dusty roads no longer dusty

today's air
crisp clean invigorating

I am reminded of the first time I visited Montana
it was this time of year
I fell in love 

we woke to our first snow of the season
mountains cloaked in white

1. Whitefish Range
2.Whitefish Lake & Big Mountain
3. Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and
Gateway to Glacier National Park



Colors Abound

colors abound

autumn is all around

light seems so pure

color that makes one purrrrrr

the flight of seeds

a carnival of movement

promises of life to come

a season of exquisite light

gone to seed
romance of future life