Dirt Roads Beckoned

the journey began
on roads made of earth

where forests once stood
until a fire gave birth

as time passes on
trees live once again

the road lined with flowers

 and berries galore

beckoned me on 
to where the forest still reigns

creeks rushing through them

meeting on the valley floor


this morning i was awoken 
by the sound of pop pop

can you guess?

the squirrels are preparing for winter
they climb up to the tree tops
then drop the tiny pine cones down to the earth
pop pop pop
then scurry to stash them for winter cuisine

tis the season



just in case

you are having hot days

I thought to give you
cool lake water

dancing with sunlight
on beautiful rocks
it is huckleberry season



Lace of the Forest

like lace
ferns draw our gaze to their intricate forms

tight spirals

soon to unfurl

wonderful characters 

in a multitude of expression

catch our heart and eyes

for us to enjoy

sharing with my DC friends

thank you