just in case

you are having hot days

I thought to give you
cool lake water

dancing with sunlight
on beautiful rocks
it is huckleberry season



  1. I stayed in Glacier NP in summer 07 - pretty much this time 6 years ago - and had a huckleberry shake and huckleberry pie at the diner in the park. Yummmm. I forgot about it until I saw that pic - thanks! I want to go back, now!

  2. Crazy weather here.
    Huckleberries came and went, a month ago, when it was warmer.
    Normally, Missouri is hot, hot, hot and humid . . . like last year when we had triple-digits nonstop.
    But this August, it's cool . . . tonight will be in the 50s.
    This never happens in mid-August here.
    No complaints here. Just weird.
    I love your first pic -- I collect heart rocks.


  3. Oh, what delightful pictures of the stones!

  4. Surely cool and refreshing! There is nothing quite like those cold, clear waters! May we never take them for granted!

  5. Oh!
    I needed this!
    Tammie, you are wonderful!
    A big hug!
    He missed the stones and water .... it refreshing!
    Thank you dear friend.

  6. It is cooler here now after a heatwave but I wouldn't mind wading in beauty all the same before tucking in!

  7. Oh, I felt refreshed, thank you!:) And so glad to see these beautiful pebbles and the water dancing around... There's a big heart in the first photo - did you notice it, too?
    We bought some berry jam from the Rhodope mountain last month, but I don't know whether it's huckleberry, blueberry or something else... We still keep it for "special moments", 'cause it's very delicious!:)

  8. Such beautiful, refreshing little scenes, Tammie. I always love your pebbles in water images. And I have never tasted a huckleberry - we don't have them here.

  9. Just invites you to dip in your hand and feel that water and stroke the stones. Your huckleberries, lik Finnish blauberries, bet they are fabulous on pancakes. Sending you best wishes from the UK.
    C xxx

  10. Cool and beautiful water...and huckleberries mmmm!

  11. Dear Tammie, our days are not so hot anymore, but eventhough they're not you're foto's are refreshing the spirit! Magical, as ever!!!

  12. I adore those beautiful rocks in your region! And they are so beautiful in the water … all those colors, dancing in the light and shadow that only the water can create. So lovely.

    And YUM ~ huckleberries ~ enjoy!!!

  13. What beauty captured, Tammie! The colours and the moving water reflections. They are all my favourites!
    I'll have to look up huckleberries to see if they are the same as blueberries!

  14. the colors are really amazing.....

  15. I don't know what looks more refreshing ... the water and colourful rocks or those scrumptious looking berries? Yum!!!

  16. Oh what delicious photographs. I want those watery rock pics hangin in my apartment.

  17. Nice composition, refreshing colors, excellent! I like!

  18. Invigorating - my favorite MT rocks! Also a slice of pie would be nice.

  19. These are so beautiful! I can feel the coolness of the pebbles - it IS hot here today! Thanks for the refresher!

  20. Refreshing images of the crystal clear water and those colorful stones! I can really feel that pure water and the pristine surrounding environment :-)
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. "Oh Dan can't you see that big green tree where the waters runnin' free
    and it's waiting there for me and you.
    Water, cool clear water".

    ..............and berries, yum yum !

  22. Beautiful light, colors and reflections/refractions Tammie. If it were hot here I would surely want to step into your delicious stream. We are having the coolest August I can remember. I love the heart shape stone in your first photograph. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs from Western Massachusetts. Carol

  23. Ha Tammie,
    christal helder water ik zie in de glinstering een hartje
    verfrissend het koele water.
    Je hebt aan alles gedacht
    heerlijk zo ook de bessen.
    geniet ze
    een zomer groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    christal clear water I see the glint in a heart
    the cool refreshing water.
    You've thought of everything
    so are the delicious berries.
    she enjoys
    a summer greet you Christiene.

  24. How I love your beautiful, colourful rocks. I see a heart in that first image. And those berries look to be drool-worthy!

  25. Thanks, I needed that...to be refreshed... What beautiful colours and textures. In the first photo, it looks like one of the rocks is heart shaped! It has been really hot here in Alberta too!

    Travelling through Montana several years ago, we stopped at a restaurant and were lucky enough to have fresh huckleberry pie. Yummmmmmy!

  26. Sooo refreshing and these photos make me so happy! =)
    The river seems so calm and clean, same time dancing on some beautiful rocks! =)

    I love it!

    Hugs :)

  27. Refreshing, yes...and such a beautiful game, when light and water are dancing on the rocks.
    Greetings from Alaska.

  28. I love your "rocks in the water" photos! The water is so clear and the rocks are so colorful.

    Mmm, huckleberries!

  29. all your pictures are as sweet to the soul as the huckleberries are to the taste

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