Festival of the Trees

a gorgeous tree
the sun shines on
and it bestows its gifts to me

feeling fragile
insight rose
a walk would serve me well

fresh air
blue sky
daydreams made of puffy white clouds
golden bright sunlight paints a tree
a glorious delight

I hold true to be with you
the presence of your stance
roots stable deep in earth
trunk calm and sturdy
arms open to our sky
as well as those who fly on by
home to bird in nest
insects feed and take a rest
lichen moss and mushrooms thrive
upon your skin

sap of living waters flow through your veins
years and years of existence
the witness I feel in you
your presence meets mine
fragile stance I once knew
replaced with vitality
due to our melding
I bow to you
mighty conduit of life energy


This month Jasmine of Nature's Whispers is host of Festival of the Trees!
Visit her blog on May 1st to find out everyone who is joining in and sharing posts that honor trees!

With this post being near May Day, Beltane and a big fat new moon, 
I consider the buds on this tree to be a vision of new life, fertility, spring and promises of Summer. 
Wishing one and all a beautiful May Day and Beltane.


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Recipe for Delight ~

recipe for delight
spring's rushing waters
pastel chunky rocks
air filled bubbles bursting
revealed by
sunlight and life's shadows
jazzy dance



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Happy Earth Day ~

looking to the sky
in the tree and way up high
where do owls reside
in the branches they do hide
and spy
upon all that lay
and stride
upon the earth
until they glide


To view sky photos from around the world visit:

Wishing one and all a glorious relationship with our amazing planet!
Happy Earth Day!


Spring Snow and First Flowers

one day this week
winter appeared to
three inches of snow fell from the sky
snow is merely
one of the masks Spring likes to wear
today she wears sunshine
a warm breeze
song of birds
moist stillness

Yesterday I made my annual drive south
seeking my first wildflower this year.

Not only did I find the lovely Yellow Bells,
but to my surprise
also merry Shooting Stars:


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I Am Lake

through you
I am all things
in your depths the world is quiet
I remember
I am silence
along your shore 
waters warm
I remember
I am the heat of the sun
floating on your skin
caressed between your water
and sky
I breathe and I am buoyant
feet buried in your sands
I am rooted
in water languid
in air spirit
when I swim
through your body
I am movement alive
we are
much the same
my body is earth
container of living waters
you flow with and around all you meet
a mutable dance
changing form
liquid ice mist
honoring always the substance of who you are
enduring endlessly through all whom you nurture

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I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support and celebration
for the show my photography was in this week!
I would have loved have all of you there with me. 
I had a fabulous time.
The photographers shared fantastic images of the beauty that our world is. 

Many thanks!



Celebrate with Me~

so busy busy busy
growing through the night
existence of a crystal
a fragile short delight
temporary nature spirits
grace our days
artful water plant ice
mastermind of Spring

Celebrate with me ~

My photography will be part of a fantastic evening with some of 
Montana's most wonderful photographers!
Visit: Watery Wednesday for watery images around the world


Stars Made of Snow

I woke this morning
to a blue sky
stars made of snow
floating lightly
to the earth below
they have since melted
sky now cloudy blue
I share with you Easter stars
a bit like me and you
from heaven
on earth
a transient
beautiful dance
not one the same
and yet born
of the same substance
a cognizance
we rise from the same breath of life

Visit OSI for poetry with the prompt: cognizance


Clouds of Spring

within each day
winter to spring
winter to spring
spring to winter
these two dance
back and forth
curtsy and bow
they flit and fly about one another
a squall of snow flurries
ice and melt
piles of hail that pummel and pelt
sun that shines
clouds wild masterpieces
hints of warmth most days
before long Spring
shall reign


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