Slow Dance

There is waxing and waning in the air,
the seasons begin their dance of change.
Winter and spring visit around a tree stump
topped with snow like a marshmallow as a table cloth,
having a cup of tea.
Winter shares "I am bowing out early this year, are you up for your dance?".
Spring smiles as birds land on her shoulders,
her womb full of the promise of flowers, insects and leaves.
As morning rays of light flood through the forest,
winter sparkles in the morning sun.
At the same time,
springs presence is tangible.
Tis a slow dance these two do,
here in the NW of Montana.
A slow lively dance.


ONE World ONE Heart winnings

Earlier this month, I won three gifts from the One World One Heart Giveaway.

I received an insightful and supportive tarot reading from Jamie. I love the feeling that comes with someone I have not met creating a reading for me that touches my heart and inspires me to ponder the depths of my life. Jamie thank you for this!

Two lovely handmade pillows came in the mail from Kristina Law I can see the care and talent that they have been made with!

Yesterday a cheerful tiny watercolor painting by Cecelia Conitz Heinrich arrived.
It adds lovely cheer to my home!

Thank you all for gracing my life with your gifts.


The Moment Between

I think of death

and consider
it might be
another great adventure
like life.


drifting towards sleep,
I found myself in a moment
between awakeness and dreamland.
I had a vision

of leaving awakeness

for death

all was dark as a starless night


no one.

in the depths

of my heart

I stayed awake
until I fell asleep.


ONE World ONE Heart Winners Are:

I send out a HUGE fun lovin' heart of appreciation to Lisa Oceandreamer for hosting this grand amazing event!

The winner of my Ice Crystal greeting cards:

The winner of the lovely flowers greeting cards:

Jennifer S Fowler

The winner of the landscape print is:

Tiffany of Love.Boxes

Day of the Heart

Love lives in ones heart
in the form of wings
made of light
take flight


the grace of life in this moment
I feel the gift in being alive
A richness in each breath
This is where we are born
In the beginning
In this moment
Over and over again


Glorious Body

Glory in each breath
Can you feel it?
Life in each breath

Can you feel the vitality
of existence entering into your body?
We exist in the breath
The body
glorious body
a basket
holding the vitality of our existence
Can you feel it?
Let your heart become aware
of vitality
in your breath

Spirit is enhanced

Feel the birth of life

Born in each breath



floating in a frenzy from scene to scene
music in the distance
some part of me knew the music was from my waking realm
my soul pulls me from my stirring sleep
like someone pulling me up out of a hole in the earth
I awaken to a distant call
a call in the wild
a lone wolf’s song

My ears hear so well tonight
tonight when I should be asleep
I hear outside
a distant train
I hear inside
words to tell my tales


Muse in my Heart

02.08.2008 = fun number

This morning I woke with a muse in my heart. Images of nature that I have photographed danced in my minds eye. Words expressing my love for each creature, be it flower, ice crystal, landscape and more sprung to life. I knew I must escape my warm nest of down covers and cotton sheets to begin a morning full of artful creation. Before I knew, writings for four images became ink on paper, ready to be submitted to a magazine.

Daily, I walk with a quiet joy in my heart, breathing the air that all life breathes. Yesterday my first blog sprung to life. Ever since I have felt enlivened with artistic expression. I can feel the spirits of other bloggers who have been visiting my journal. I can feel the love and place for freedom in others blogs. Community- common unity with others has added richness to my quiet joy!

Tickled to find this beauty in the dead of winter!


One World ~ One Heart

I am pleased to announce that I am participating in the "One World ~ One Heart give away. This is an event to bring together people all over the world. Giving and receiving is a wonderful way to unite.

If you visit http://oneworldevent.blogspot.com, you will find nearly 300 blogs giving away unique gifts. Good luck and have fun visiting all the amazing blogs!

I will be giving away three gifts. The first two are sets of my fine art photo greeting cards, handmade by me. The third gift will be a fine art, 8x10 photograph.

If you would like to have one of them, leave a comment by midnight MST, Feb. 13th. ALL people (blog or no blog) are welcome to try a chance at winning. Please make sure I can contact you with a link to your blog or to your email.

In celebration of winter, the first set of cards is intimate portraits of ice crystals:

My greeting cards are surrounded with a colored border that enhances the image. Here is an example of what you will receive:

The second set is the wonderful world of flowers:

Last is a 8"x10"print of: Colorful World

My first post in my first blog ~

I sit near a window with a cup of hot Tulsi tea,
glancing up from time to time,
watching snow flakes the size of small feathers float through the sky.
My neighbor once told me "
this is the romantic style of snow".
It most certainly is dreamy!

A thick blanket of snow,
surrounds my wee log cabin.
I am filled with wonder,

watching a rare breeze stir to life,
Dumping piles of heavy snow
crashing to earth
from tall trees.
Wind parts clouds,
golden sunlight pours through
highlighting the day's glory,
coloring my world with shadows of blue and gray.

Sensing that writing a blog is an intimate sharing that is rich and full of creative possibilities, I feel excited and shy to expose myself in this way.
I welcome you to my blog with open arms and tender heart.

The other day I had the honor of taking this huge bird's portrait as it lifted into flight!