Muse in my Heart

02.08.2008 = fun number

This morning I woke with a muse in my heart. Images of nature that I have photographed danced in my minds eye. Words expressing my love for each creature, be it flower, ice crystal, landscape and more sprung to life. I knew I must escape my warm nest of down covers and cotton sheets to begin a morning full of artful creation. Before I knew, writings for four images became ink on paper, ready to be submitted to a magazine.

Daily, I walk with a quiet joy in my heart, breathing the air that all life breathes. Yesterday my first blog sprung to life. Ever since I have felt enlivened with artistic expression. I can feel the spirits of other bloggers who have been visiting my journal. I can feel the love and place for freedom in others blogs. Community- common unity with others has added richness to my quiet joy!

Tickled to find this beauty in the dead of winter!


  1. neat... love the snow on top, just the kind of shot you hope to find. Hugs, antonella :-)

  2. "Community- common unity with others has added richness to my quiet joy!"

    I am studying tonight to become a poet, like you Tammie.


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