Lost ~ time behind

Long ago
the sun
rising and setting
had daily witnesses
life bustled
animals thrived
one could hear
and smell
from a hard days
people and animal were
married to this land
their bodies were made of the air they breathed
the soil that fed them
the sun that brought life
the rain that quenched all thirst
their bones
nourish the land that once fed them
the earth
is never lost

So tiny, so old, so many stories live in it's bones:

lost and found
one dies

and circles

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She Exists to Dance

She exists to dance
an alchemist of her own
the world
her palette
she is
rain dancing through the sky
piles of snowflakes
gems of dripping ice
a lake
enhancing the beauty of rocks
She changes her form
with each partner
that surrounds

Recently I found the blog of Jennie Nash: Meet Your Muse. Her novel: The Only True Genius in the Family, was published this month! In celebration she is posting about artists; where they find their muse and inspiration. Jennie invited me to do a guest post this month, please visit to read my poem and see one of my favorite watery images: Dancing with My Muse.

me, laying on the frozen sand
to admire
and to take a picture:

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Ice Crystal Morning

There is a spot in my heart
that waits
all year
for ice crystals
to appear
they grow
when all is just right
lighting up the world
in an
otherworldly way

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Love in the form of life

Life in the form of breath

Dance in the form of wind

Laugh in the form of a fawns prance

Flight in the form of a hawk

Growth in the form of crystals

Beauty in the form of a flower

Wisdom in the form of a tree

Patience in the form of a rock

Wildness in the form of wolverine

Serenity in the form of the rising sun

Bliss in the setting one

Drink in the form of a raindrop

Food in the form of a kiss

You in the form of me

Me in the form of you

All life in a single snowflake

then melting

to be born again

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Textures and Life

without one texture
would life be the same

each and every
sound and scent
a part of every flame

we lean near
or shift far

we mix it up
make it our

with out
each texture
how would life

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A Wee bit of Magic ~

Valentine's Day, I awoke to zero degrees F.
I had left my carrying cloth outside and went out to fill it with firewood.
I folded the ends of cloth over the wood and on top of the last bit of the carrier cloth;
ice crystals had grown over night in the shape of a heart!
Imagine my delight!


Let's Dance with the Heart of Hearts

back of the card:

Kara of Mother Henna hosted a Valentine heART card collaboration this season. There are twenty artists that participated.

First came the line drawing of the tree
I had it made into a rubber stamp.
Then I carved 3 planets into stamps and hand colored the tree.

Since the tree lives on our planet
my Valentine poem
is of a big
more than a sweethearts
yet for me
living is an

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Some Days, Take My Breath Away

do you see the sky
yes it's way up high
hidden here and there
revealed when it's clear
winter sky

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Four Awards

AWARDS!!!! Ok, I am not bragging
I am the worst
I have let these awards heap in a pretty pile
Ok,,,,, am I lazy.... not really
do I not care, so rare
do I feel honored, yes indeed!
do I have a problem with rules, absolutely
I am sure I need lessons in grace, acceptance and so much more
as in giving out awards-what is your resistance Tammie?
Often these awards come with: do this, do that and I don't like asking folks to do something they might not want to do. So I end up putting the awards off for a while and then making my own rules to go along with them. Boo hiss, yea, rah! I always did best with teachers that gave me a lot of freedom. Enough about me, more about me:

FIRST; a huge thank you for ALL these awards! My heart is tender with gratitude for your appreciation and friendship!

Recently I was give the wonderful Lemonade Award by the talented Emerald Eyes, aka Gel.
This award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude:

Gel is an artist in so many ways, poetry, photography, writing, painting, jewelry and I would not be surprised with other ways as well! I think you would enjoy visiting her wonderful blog.

A fantastic part of this award is that you do not have to pass it on, you can simply linger in its gift!

I give this award to Tanya Gwen Minnick, for truly I feel Tanya has made delicious lemonade from anything that comes her way. Her blog is a wonderful testament to this.

I would also like to give the lemonade award to Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, because from my perspective she takes in the world around her as a muse, let's it flow through her and manifests as fantastic fabric art. Plus her photos are wonderful.

Also there is Ms. Shannanigans of Evil Shannanigans, this woman loves animals and takes action by not eating them and caring for them.... pretty darn cool.

Genie Sea has delighted me with this lovely "i x o your art blog" award:

Genie Sea's blog is full of her amazing art, insights and generous friendship.

With this award is a request to list 7 things I love:

1) Jesper ~ My son, Bob ~ my brother, Charlotte ~ my mother, Wyndi ~ my sister
2) all my family and friends here and beyond
3) in her many facets ~ nature
4) deep tender moments & light and sweet interactions
5) watching Annie find joy in a snowflake
6) red wine on a cold winter night ~ champagne on a hot summer evening
7) stars

I have come across some amazing art blogs lately that I am giving this award to and also feel happy to share with you:

My dear friend Donna at: Donna Grillo Art she has a passion for print making and filming interviews with working artists who make a living as artists. Maybe some day she will share her writing with us.... !

I would like to give this award to Vince at Vinpix. Vince is not only a dear friend and Donna's (above) husband, he is an amazing photographer, writer and artist of many mediums. He is also hooked up with Hollywood, so you can get some inside sights here.

Nancy: all pulped out, she has a wonderful art blog full of inspiration and beauty.

Stephanie Lee, at Semiprecious Salvage, here you will find wonderful jewelry, photography and stories, inspiration galore.

Sarah from Cottage Garden Studio does charming art full of whimsy, I am so enjoying getting to know Sarah.

Cheryl Ann has given me the One Lovely Blog award:

Cheryl Ann has a number of blogs. She fills them to the brim with tales of her life accented with wonderful photographs.

I would like to give this award to Abigail and Kage for their new blog Rusted Wings, I wish them a world of success, full of fun and blessings.

I would also like to give this award to Stephanie of Do What You Love, she has a lovely spirit and shares this with her stories, felted art, photographs and more, she does what she loves!

Tanya Gwen Minnick has given me:

Tanya is a wonderful artist/writer!
So in keeping with the spirit of this award behold 7 weird/odd random things about me:

1) I don't like eating while in the shower
2) Cool crisp air brings me to life, I know folks who run and hide
3) weird, well I look weird now... going through a pre-skin cancer/skin cancer treatment and I am a scary thing to behold right now!
4) I have many voices - it's a playful thing
5) I love heading to town, but then change my mind and go somewhere else
6) forest mushrooms are my friends, ok you all knew that
7) I notice peoples energy more than what they are wearing or if they shaved their beard off.

I am passing this on to people that I want to know Odd and Random things about, ha!

Murat11 : I choose you because for me you are full of surprises and I am curious what you will share!

Erin: Erin Sings I choose you because you have a whimsy about you that is rare!

Also: Bernie of two blogs, Natural Moments his amazing nature photography blog and Walking in Stillness his mystical sharing blog.

One World ~ One Heart Giveaway Winners!

It has been an amazing 23 days of being part of the OWOH giveaway! I have met so many people from all over the world and look forward to getting to know each of you better.

The two winners of my giveaway are:

Rose from: What I made Today
Deirdra of: Deirdra Doan

I would like to thank those of you who answered my question about what you do to inspire a heart connection with the world in your daily life. It was fun and interesting for me and everyone who read through the comments to ponder how to connect with the world around us.


The Art of Blogging

from a lively spark creativity rises
movement takes form
in so many surprises
expressions unique

Yea, there is a whole crowd of us celebrating!
Look at all those little mushrooms.

The lovely fairy slipper for me is all about celebration:

A year has come full circle and I celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog!
Whew Hoo!!!
I offer Heart felt gratitude for all the fun
inspiration and company you have all given me
throughout this past year.

I was shy to have a blog
to share my love and passion for life
a sphere of unmet people
I have to say I have enjoyed this living artful experience
which has been rich in wonderful connections
and has been a sweet muse in my life
with all my heart I thank you
For without you, my blogfriends, my blog would be incomplete!

The watery image with circles is a lake at sunset, Spirit Lake in B.C. Canada.
The final image is a wee wild Orchid.

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The Line

that line
where earth
it lures me toward it

what lies beyond

it is the curve
the movement
even slight
that makes me run my eyes over it
like a lover
drinking in its beauty

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thirst quenching
within and around
all life

solid until it is not

misty fingers flow through the meadow
in tonight's setting light

seemingly flexible
until it is not

and hard all at once

myself a
triple water sign
I so relate
can you tell
I am from

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Completely Enchanting Day

Last weekend, Lake McDonald- completely enchanting day!

Squatting along the bank of the lake
feeling the presence of life around me
breathing the pristine air
like stones tossed into a lake
to gone
stillness completely saturates
my being
this may be one of the moments
I remember my entire lifetime

sunset arrives
lighting ice
in amber hues

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