Yum yum!

busy busy busy
up and down the trees
chewing gnawing sawing
a meal fit for a queen

I just love watching it's little hands
and the bits flying as it spits the non-edible part out




So Sorry that I couldn't get closer for Better Photos!

this bear found food at a neighbors 

and did not want to leave

taking walks.....
is full of awareness!

this grizzly was in the shade of the trees
i lightened the photos so you could see it's features better
our world is a lush dark green now

still i wanted to show you who we share the forest with


The Rookery

hot summer day beckoned
i headed to the forest in search of a rookery a friend told me about

from the tree tops
wonderful strange sounds filled the air
the calls of Sand Hill Cranes

*Later: not Sand Hill Cranes, they are Blue Herons*

do you see the chicks head (high center)
i know it is hard to see:

at the base of three different trees i found eggs from the chicks in shades of light blue

the warm day inspired a sweet heavy scent of flowers 

 inside these little bells
was quite a surprise:

and fruit to fill the air

I wandered on

Good Creek:

 old homesteads:

at the above spot.... 
a large crashing sound of a spooked animal filled the air
i think we scared one another
most likely moose or bear

and beautifully colored mushrooms

I hope you enjoyed your wander with me. 
I sure did. 

thank you Elaine


Two Poppies

out in the meadow
near a tree stump
towards the beginning of summer
poppies appear

two lovely poppies dancing in the breeze
bathing in sunlight
near the forest trees

such beauty



Do You See.... the Fish

light and shadows
shadows and light

water and rocks
such a delight

summer fish
in high alpine creek

colors and movement
endless dance such a treat


talented and generous Remei
has created a You Tube video of Spirithelpers photographs!
Thank you Remei!!

 Lovely week to one and all!