Petals Amongst Petals

vision wanders between the folds
and layers
of all the luscious petals

there is a consequence when one beholds this beauty
tender awareness rises
waves of an inner reflection

no longer can one deny
that life holds precious
the layers of sensuous grace

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Bear Grass

We've had a lovely week,
blue skies that release the warm scents of summer.

Bear Grass

flowers like bright torches
illuminated in sunlight
ignite the forest floor
drawing us to their beauty
also true
of you
a light
that shines brightly as you carpet the earth
sharing your unique qualities
precious and worthy
touching hearts
as you go

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Beneath Sunlit Waters

golden light
ignites rolling waters
flavors the atmosphere
with texture
filling the air
and yearnings
with an ancient knowing
that is deep as deep can be

golden light can permeate
and flow
to fill
the spine of life
a soothing exhilarating fire
the sleeping goddess
who undulates within living waters
kindles the heart of life

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Oh So Delicious

Assimilate the beauty
the presence
of a flower
gobble it up
as though it be a
yummy snack
let it absorb into
and nurture every cell
of your body
your spirit
for it's beauty is your own

With joy in my heart, I wish you a wonderful Solstice!
With gratitude, I thank fathers everywhere for your unending presence
in your family and our world~

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Farewell Beloved Spring

wandering the woods
tis the last day of spring
her beauty
is abundant
treasures fill my eyes
music as the trees sway
and the birds sing and sing

my first wild strawberries of the year
they are so tiny

tiny orchid with minuscule mama aphid and two youngsters
click on the photo to see them!
two other creatures also~

Queen's Cup

the most petite coral orchid

we lean into summer
farewell beloved Spring


Visible Grace

Visible grace
exquisite friend
of within

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She has No Walls

body of life in endless expression
spirit of life she has no walls
she'll quake and she'll shiver
asking you to deliver
she'll shimmer and breathe
with undulating ease
igniting within you
unimagined manifestations
for you are the artist
that paints with
the breath of life

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Spring Rains

Spring rains
thirst quenching
fulfill essential

future days
of summer
enhancing ephemeral

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life presents choices
an assortment of paths
kiss this one
or that one
with our eyes
or lips

wander this way or that way
will these paths intersect
wander so far beyond
that we'll never look back

there is this flower that flower
this trail or that

this rock or that rock
shinny and wet

whether we choose book binding
wild dancing
cook a la passionate
writer of tales
this or that

such a wild wonderful
in the midst of a choice
the ability to decide
this way or that

look deeply
and sweetly
just perhaps
each moment
presents such a occasion

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Happy Birthday Charlie!



Many lives
and faces
water to air
it graces

wings a mosaic beauty

enormous eyes
and lips
tis the season of the


The Grace of Flowers

In your presence
the world is vibrant
the air rarefied

In your presence
life is buoyant
light spilling over

a cheerful spirit runs through
my veins
in your presence
I am aware
of a life full of grace

Spring is sprinkled with endless wildflowers
and I seem to be sprinkled with ticks
as I shoot photos of these little beauties
on my hands and knees!

Each photo was taken within this past week.
1) Fairyslipper or Calypso orchid
2) Obscure Bluebells
3) Glacier Lilies
4) Forget Me Nots