Don't Blink

living in the northwest corner
of Montana
in the depth of summer
one dare not blink
for if one does
they could open their eyes and find they are in
seasons inspire presence


1) Prairie Smoke, found in Montana
2) Campanulaceae, found in Italy

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Hound's Tongue

when the winds come howling in
from a somewhat quiet day
instinct rises to the surface
alert to what may sway
first the trees are dancing
bending near the ground
then the rain is pounding
drumming as it sounds
hail blowing sideways
painting the earth white
electricity silenced
candles lit for sight
looking out the window
a mighty tree is down
thunder singing mighty
lightning near the ground
down the rain comes pouring
dancing on and on
wind departs
for it has done its job


the morning after
a stroll 
and I found the wonderful
Hound's Tongue:

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Wild Orchids of Italia

Italian wildflowers for a change
extreme beauty just the same
mia sorella heard the fairies call
she looked and spied wee orchids tall
gracefully standing
amongst forest grass
uplifting spirits as we passed



Road to Holy

grand sojourn
to walk up your flanks
to sit in your presence
to breath rarefied air
to experience colors
aflame with glorious light
to sit deeper  
because of your depth
changing the pace of mundane life

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