When the Sun Comes Out

wild beauty beckons to our deep perceptions
our contemplative mind
our adventurous soul
it begs to be walked into
to share it's tales
to be your companion


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Tiny Realm

stepping into the tiny world
of green
of light
of spheres that hold tight
to blades of moss
that thrive in spring

to immerse in the tiny world
to see that there is more
than our obvious realm
to let
sunlight held in melted snowflakes
court my heart

for the tiny realm
is a mystical province
with the ability
to enchant us into our sacred




Scutellinia scutellata

finding new
tiny fungi
forest treasures
to my eyes
these are trimmed with petite lashes
golden cups
for us to spy

last autumn I found tiny cups very similar and posted them 

only those were red..... 
research hints that they are: Scutellinia scutellata
aka: eyelash fungi


Crystalline Colonies

night temperatures drop
moisture in the earth
rises like a phoenix
in the form
thin delicate
lacy ice
geometric columns inches in height
breathe gently
amongst this fragile beauty

these were taken two days ago
our lovely Spring



Sign of Spring

I wouldn't call you pretty
I'd call you pretty trippy
first fungi creature
in Spring woods

snow is melting slowly
barely earth showing
yet here you are growing
the wondrous
somewhat poisonous
false morel

this is my spring:

you can imagine my delight when I saw this mushroom growing!
Spring unfolds slowly in NW Montana