Welcome 2012 ~

imagine living life
by making choices that enliven

how we move our bodies and thoughts
how we listen and speak
how we care and share
honoring the essence of our depths

imagine choosing that which energizes
from this moment on

wishing one and all vitality
of heart
and body

welcome 2012!


The Novica Winner is......

of divinity
found in each breath
the breath within our chest
the breath
of winters magnificence

evidence of divinity
as the sun lights icy crystals
colors dance 
and fairies prance
kin to the living spark
light that dances within our hearts


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Congratulations Elena!

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As we near Winter Solstice, 
my heart feels the peace found in deep nights.

Soon,  we will experience more sunlight each and every day.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday season!



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Mate Gourd Maracas
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Grave Creek House

once upon a time
this wee house was built
looking into these walls
I wonder why it tilts
the stories it holds
may never be told
but we can dream and wonder

the sun came out 
and it seems Autumn is still amongst us
I love this vital time when two seasons dance
snow one day
hinting of winter
sun the next reclaiming autumn
reminding me that nature has it's own way
and we must learn to dance with what is

while wandering yesterday
we came across one of the more humorous 'No Trespassing' signs I have seen:



Snowy Autumn Land

fell asleep to a warm night sky
cloaked in clouds at 28F
woke to four fresh inches of autumn snow
two snow falls to date
how many will it take
before golden grasses lie down
announcing winter is here

in the meantime
grasses appear to be rising through
a sand land along an ocean shore
i can almost smell the salty air
when a breeze of pine
awakens me to our snowy autumn land


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Frosty Morning ~

I woke up
it was a frosty morning
and the first thing that i saw
was ice dressed in rainbows
my heart began to thaw
I thought I was heading to yoga
but smitten my path did change
kneeling to enjoy a sparkling ballet
morning light
golden grass
did reign

poem inspired by the rythym of Joni Mitchell's 
song: Chelsea Morning
thank you Joni

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gently lapping waters
along your shore
soothe my thoughts
till they melt away
making room 
for your dancing rythym
and song 
like a slow dance
between lovers
filling all time and space

is a woman of heart
she finds them wherever she goes
this photo is for you Clytie 
(and all my lovely blog friends)

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 woke up to snow, over an inch:

Visit: Watery Wednesday for wonderful watery images by other photographers!


Blush of Autumn

autumns blush goes on and on
delighting our eyes
filling the air
tis the time of year
when the sun shines on us it penetrates our bones
yet if a single cloud wanders by and cloaks the sun
we feel autumn's chill
and so it goes
warm and cold
light and shadows
as the sun rides closer to earths horizon
autumns blush goes on and on 


Samhain; Gaelic for Summer's End

clouds were passing through today
from west to east
through hills and valley
meadow and high mountain

cloaked within their misty forms
traveled celestial ancients

their sole purpose
to sprinkle blessings on the land
and all that lived beneath

and so they did
and so it goes
blessings from above

tis Halloween
and the sun descending towards the horizon drew me out of my wee cabin
to sunset bathe
and greet the Celtic New Year with my heart

whether you celebrate Halloween
Day of the Dead, honoring those who have passed to the beyond
or Samhain
I wish you a gracious time


this evenings moon


Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset

in the presence of light
we are purified

in the presence of color
we come present

in the presence of mountains majestic
rich spaciousness

in the presence of light
a luminosity that nourishes

in the presence of reflection
we soften with the satiny surface

with sunset
we breathe 
in sync with life

to enjoy other's poetry with the prompt; Sunset
visit: One Single Impression


Life Dances in Holy Waters

 like a dream
life dances in holy waters
reflections and ripples
of light
of color
travel to the edges of the pond
and beyond



Autumn Blessing

may the breath of autumn
which stirs the leaves
until they are free to ride upon the breeze
may it free your spirit to gently rise
find your colors and then take flight
may the breath of autumn wrap a cloak of soft light
around you



The Mushroom Said to Me

the mushroom said to me
there is nowhere else to be
though our roots travel far
this is what we know
here is where we are
there is nowhere else to be


this morning:



Golden Waters

 along your autumn shore
even rocks and light
reflect golden hues

an invitation to sit deeply 
open widely
 let this season imbue


Lake McDonald, Picture Perfect

Autumn's dance has just begun
days are warm

nights are crisp

a wonderful time
to relax and mingle
with nature
and loved ones near

yesterday my dear friend Abigail had her birthday
we dined, roamed and enjoyed this lake,
her banks
and treasures galore that we found as we strolled along. 
a glorious way to celebrate life!

Happy Birthday Abigail!!


Wonderful Equinox to one and all!



Summer's Grand Finale

summer's alchemist has been busy at work
planting seeds upon our earth
sun and rain did penetrate
now earth's blooms proliferate
summer's grande finale


Rising from Your Heart of Hearts

rising from your heart of hearts
lives a song
that is all yours
trust the wisdom of it's gait
let it's melody permeate
find that it does decorate
in multitudes of gesture

rising from your heart of hearts
your quintessential song

Both of these wild flowers are wonderfully unique from one another. 
I love their awesome details, wild and fringy is one and the other, well look at those colorful spots:


Tangible Warning

they appeared
majestic in beauty and muscle
above our heads on summer cliffs
blue sky
green  flora
framed them superbly

their gaze landed on us with concern
in turn this should have concerned us
yet we watched with joy to see them

two elders came down the cliffs toward us
sent the younger ones far around

as they neared 
a force quite tangible
beamed from their eyes and forehead
warning us to back off
we did
they held us off
until their tribe was far away
lowering their heads to eat