Presenting the Calypso Orchid

wandering through the forest
cloaked in shades of green
a glimpse of violet and gold
the tiny fairy slipper

it is always a joy to see them
like magic sprinkled here and there

these are all the same orchids
photographed in morning sun, sunset, wind blew them apart,
wind blew them together:

heart shaped
i hope you enjoyed 
the lovely calypso orchid


Intimate and Vast Montana

an intimate view
teeny tiny little kinnikinnick flowers
like fairy lanterns scattered amongst the forest floor

a vast Montana view

wild apple blossoms grace our trees

at their crowns
trees grow

some nights still freeze
bird bath water



The More You Look

the  more you look

the more you see

when you slow down

and take a peak

one's heart may even

skip a beat


Perfect Life

i found this budding beauty
rising from a mound of moss
at the base of an abundant waterfall

i see tender attention
loving protection
reminiscent  of two lovers, caring friends
or mother and child

i have no idea what plant it is
i see new life

Happy Mother's Day


Feathers Flowers & Fur

I sat near this nest for a while
watching the female await his (Osprey) return

landing had to be just right

just a fly by

busy little squirrel
has been digging up last autumns stores of small pine cones 
and eating non-stop

I had the great pleasure of Canada Geese and goslings
visit my ponds! 

lovely and tiny spring beauty
also known as fairy spuds, but it would be a shame to dig them up for the tiny fairy sized spud

Spring is truly coming to life!