Spring, An Avatar

Winters dream becomes Spring
warmer days arrive
Spring, an avatar
calls my name
in the song of birds
on the current of a warm breeze
as the muskrat swims
across the pond, freshly risen from its den
an avatar of new life
calls my spirit to rise from hibernation
weans me away from winter
stretch and yawn
a languid stroll
earth soft under my feet
let my spirit enliven
your spirit
with light and shadows
warmth and color
slowly we will prepare
the feast of summer




kneeling on the bank of snow
to glimpse
an aura of light
held within a crystalline form
exquisite refined beauty
grown throughout the night
melts in sunlight
our world
holds immense glory
in your presence
my heart is rarefied


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Delighted about: Spring Equinox

Metamorphosis, Winter into Spring

meadow creek
icing up at night
frozen for our delight
temporal gems glisten 
juicy in sunlight
morning rays illuminate
golden liquid light
a seasons dance
winter into spring



Winter into spring is such a lively time, though here in the NW of Montana spring slides in slowly. 
Yesterday skies were blue and brimming with stormy clouds. Then a howling wind blew in,
branches and leaves flying and crashing. Hail tiny played like wild music on the metal roof, frozen balls growing larger with each moment. 
Becoming tiny flakes of snow 
soon to be the size of small feathers.
For twenty minutes we had a wild storm, it slid away as fast as it arrived.
Blue sky peaked out here and there and so it goes
when winter begins to dance with spring.

Happy Equinox!
May blessings touch and fill your lives
as our days grow longer.

P.S. spring sightings:
last Sunday, first butterfly of the year
first bear tracks as well!


Murmurs of Spring

have you heard the news
that is rolling through the forest?
the swaying trees murmur "lean close
melt with me
follow the fluid of my sap"
I can almost hear
green growth pushing up through the dirt beneath my feet
bird song fills the air
a bear tosses and turns
soon to awaken from its warm winter lair
spring is near


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Crystalline Nature

apparently fragile
we simply

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