Spring Flowers

 in the wild places of NW Montana

spring is still a mix of dead plant debris from last autumn

tiny signs of new growth

wandering along a river path

i found a bit of color

you know it had me on my knees
capturing it's portrait 
it's scent like an elixer
had me delighted


what flower is this?
it looks very much like a lilac
and yet the petals seemed more fragile thin
i wonder if there is a wild variety?


in honor of Earth day
my heart bows
each and every day
thank you for being our amazing home


Blues and Puffy White

it was the sort of day
that made ones heart jump for joy
and bow in honor
of the majesty of our planet





Kissed by a Butterfly

walking in the woods today
caressed by a warm breeze
serenaded by Sandhill cranes
quacking ducks
 and the little birds

a tiny butterfly 
landed on my shoulder
then kissed my forehead
a feeling of being blessed permeated my spirit

the mastery of a butterflies kiss
 thaws the remnants of winter
presenting spring



Like a Chandelier

 stepping onto a lakeshore beach
steeped in morning shade
dappled in morning light
song of pouring creek
spring bush laden with newborn buds
lit up
like a crystal chandelier
i felt as though i stepped into mystical magical realm
that would be planet earth

Early Spring in Montana