Velvety Rose Fomitopsis Rosea

treasures of the forest

meeting you makes my heart 
go pitter pat

velvety to see and touch

such unusual conks


these all seem like magical creatures to me

fruits rising from the earth below

I think these are called clavaria
still finding mushrooms stored in the trees

i might be on a mushroom kick for a little while 



Autumnal Equinox

they spawn
the Kokanee Salmon

their colors that of Autumn

lively and determined

traveling Up stream

they mark the changing of seasons

warm greetings to cool Autumn



Late Summer Day

I wandered into the mountains the other day

found a rainbow in a waterfall

creek water aqua turquoise
made my heart sing

watched the sunlight mingling with trees

does this green thrill you?
it does me

i listened to the water sing
and dance

visited this lake that sunny day

dinned on late summer huckleberries

watched the sun paint shadows on the enormous mountains
as it began to set

it was a good day

may you walk in beauty


Busy Busy little Squirrels

Squirrels are very busy

climbing high into the trees
tossing tiny pine cones to the earth
then scurrying to stack them in every little hole they find

a funny thing:
they bring the cones from the trees to the earth
and things they find on earth they take up into the trees

such as this mushroom

finding wild apples on the ground,
see the bit it 'hid' under the rock
pieces as big as it's head

hiding apples up up in the trees

a mushroom hidden under this tree

it was gone the next day

even filling the tunnels of ground squirrels!
this squirrel is not a ground squirrel
it is a tree squirrel

The ground squirrels have gone underground already for the year

they are also very busy eating!
wonderful entertainment!


The Jouney Continued

continuing on from the previous post
traveling up the North Fork towards Polebridge Montana

a place to cook on this hot summer day

flowers lined the high mountain road

what is this chipmunk digging for?

next it scurried into the wild current bush
had a feast while i looked on

 summer leaves still brilliant green

lake water divine

nature beauty sublime