Within an Ancient Forest

amongst your trunks
dressed in dappled light

serenade of bubbling brook

 forest a mighty delight

creative weaver
a dance all of its own
heading for the spacious air
blue skies and light above

just look at this wonderful curvy tree
dressed in tender greens
and fungi

does anyone know what kind of lichen this is?
it was soft like lettuce
I am sorry i did not take a good photo of it, 
this is a cropped image and so it is blurry:


Spring Equinox 2012

spring arrives slowly in North West Montana
there is a dance
much like a tango
back and forth between winter and spring 

it will be a month
or two before we see a wildflower

yet each day the snow retreats and the rings of earth around the trees grow larger

many of the days are shades of gray
making more evident where the inner spark of light 
of Spring

in honor of the spring equinox
or autumn in other parts of the world
I offer you colored rocks
that remind me of both seasons

as I write the sun shines bright
tall trees dance in the wind
birds sing daily of arriving Spring
and our day nears it's end

lovely equinox to one and all


The Sun Came Out to Play

perhaps you remember my autumn day 
at this very location: click here to view

blue skies
aquamarine waters
circles of land cloaked in winters fading snow

textures reveal 
light and shadow
line between 
terra and blue yonder a visual delight

do you know who made these tracks?
I would love to hear your thoughts

maybe river otter?


I went to the bear tree, do you remember? 
this next photo is one from that post: here

last autumn
mama and one of the two cubs returned

mama climbed the tree and little one gave up the climb half way up
cub did that twice and is reported to have stayed on the earth
for two days while mama was in the den way up at the top

the cub made it up
tucked in for the season....

a wind storm came 
howling mighty
the rotten Cottonwood Tree fell to the earth
oh my
no one found the bears on the earth
so we envision they wandered off

this is what i found:

the tree fallen
looked so much smaller than it did from afar
with bears in its limbs

I looked at claw marks from them climbing the tree

the marks were plenty up and down the tree

I sat in the den
and felt what it might have been like
to live in a tree

this was their den
a home for three....




we had an ice crystal morning

last night the moon and the stars danced in a clear sky
temperatures dropped to 9F
inspiring crystals to manifest

lovely ethereal beings they are
whom became more ethereal as the sun kissed their tiny wings
and they took flight 
melting and mingling with the air