The Sun Came Out to Play

perhaps you remember my autumn day 
at this very location: click here to view

blue skies
aquamarine waters
circles of land cloaked in winters fading snow

textures reveal 
light and shadow
line between 
terra and blue yonder a visual delight

do you know who made these tracks?
I would love to hear your thoughts

maybe river otter?


I went to the bear tree, do you remember? 
this next photo is one from that post: here

last autumn
mama and one of the two cubs returned

mama climbed the tree and little one gave up the climb half way up
cub did that twice and is reported to have stayed on the earth
for two days while mama was in the den way up at the top

the cub made it up
tucked in for the season....

a wind storm came 
howling mighty
the rotten Cottonwood Tree fell to the earth
oh my
no one found the bears on the earth
so we envision they wandered off

this is what i found:

the tree fallen
looked so much smaller than it did from afar
with bears in its limbs

I looked at claw marks from them climbing the tree

the marks were plenty up and down the tree

I sat in the den
and felt what it might have been like
to live in a tree

this was their den
a home for three....



  1. These are fantastic photos of very special places.
    I love them all. But that first pic must be a sacred place. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. The sun and you both played, and I'd say the (maybe) river otter too.

    How amazing to be in the den.

  3. It seems a fairy tale, nature explodes in our souls thank you ...
    You live in a wonderful place!
    I love your environment!
    I was delighted to get your art on Facebook, thanks so much love.
    A friend hug!

  4. LOVE the dancing snow fairies!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  5. A lovely post Tammie. A real refreshment for a tired spirit. Thankyou.

  6. Good morning Tammie,

    many thanks for this great post with this beautiful pics and this very good and touching story. I agree absolutely with Charlotte, it's a real refreshment for heard and soul to visit you and your wonderful world.

    wish you a blessed week.

    hugs from

  7. About time for the sun to come out.

  8. Wonderful Tammie,
    Your birthday cake now looks like a christmas cake.
    I think your tracks may well be otters.

  9. An enchanted series of shots!

  10. I am so happy I came here today and saw your gorgeous images. Thank you for the link to the book making too....

  11. TL - what a beautiful story of nature and to think that you could be part of it and document it and share it - magic. Thanks. B

  12. The first is so beautiful to see. Such a special place. Great series. I'm sorry about the bear tree. The tree with the bear is amazingly beautiful!
    Warm greetings, Mirthe

  13. Fantastic photos!

    Love from Poland:)

  14. You live in a dream world...hard to believe a place like this even exists in real life. I looooovveee your snaps!!! Even reading about this makes time stand still.......

  15. what gorgeous photos Tammie. can you send some sun up here when you've had enough LOL. another grey day here...sigh!!!

  16. Oh my what a terrific post. I would never have though black bears would be denning way way up in a hollow tree. On the ground for sure ... but way up no way. :)

  17. These are fantastic photos. Love your series here. You have a beautiful nature around you. Lovely blue sky, the colors are so great then. And then you have taken pictures of bears, too. Exciting experience then.
    Have a lovely week to you.
    Greetings from Hilda

  18. Beautiful. Have you ever gone out to that circle-island?
    A circle of sacred space.

    Someone else will use the den now, I imagine. I know fishers love holes in trees for dens. Do you have fishers? Maybe wolverines like that, too. I know they've been coming back down a bit more south...

  19. What a fantastic post and pictures!! =) Oh I'm so sorry they lost their sweet home, I was sad when reading that.. :( I wonder.. where did they go??
    Of course I remember the picture of the peninsula dressed in autum colors.. :)
    But the earlier post of the bears I missed! But now I've seen it, very beautiful and fascinating pictures! =)

    The traces I don't know.. it must be an animal loving the water.. so maybe a river otter?

    My thoughts go to the sweet bear family!

    Lovely week to you! :)

  20. what a beautiful package. those claw marks are gorgeous. i don't think i have ever seen anything quite like it. an artist can do something with that wood and you have:)

  21. So touchingly beautiful. I, too, am wondering what tracks those might be. I often wonder that when I see animal tracks in the snow...it's fun to guess. Sorry that the bears lost their home - but what a spiritual experience it must have been for you to gaze upon their marks on the trees and sit where they had once made their home.

  22. I never realized that a den could be "UP" in a tree! Down on the ground ,yes, but this is fascinating. I suppose someone else will move into the apartment, now that it is lying horizontal. Maybe a rabbit family or chipmunks.
    Could the footprints be ducks or geese? It is hard to tell from so far away!
    Thank you for the card and the sentiments. That was a nice! If I can ever be of help in your book endeavors just ask. I am good at giving out information, if nothing else. It is never too late to follow your dream, I didn't publish my first book till I was 50.

  23. Hi Tammie, I remember the bears so very well!! How sad that their special home fell. I hope they are okay wherever they are. I will show my boys again!

  24. Love your post. Fantastic photos !

  25. This is such a joy to behold!

  26. Wow...just so amazing. I would love to visit this place and behold such beauty.
    Much love

  27. I didn't know they made there home up high like that! LOVE that you sat in then ... amazing. I wonder where they are now. Wonderful post!

  28. what a wonderful post with beautiful pictures depicting the cycle of life and so grounded in nature.

  29. So beautiful, I wish I was there, with my camera.

    I have seen tracks like that, but don't know what they are.

  30. So beautiful, I wish I was there, with my camera.

    I have seen tracks like that, but don't know what they are.

  31. Dear Tammie, doyou know how much I enjoyed reading your story and seeing your photos?. A lot!!!.
    It was beautiful to walk with you for your beautiful places, how wonderful!. It is also very beautiful to see how you feel the land where you live. Thank you!
    A big hug

  32. Marvelous series of photos!

  33. ....the beauty of a winter's tale ~ fresh upon the wings of spring ~ enjoyable post ~ exotic delight! ~ blessed be!...

  34. Fabulous imagery! I've seen my share of black bears, but never one in a tree. Thanks for sharing the wilds of your neck of the woods.

  35. Dear Tammie, Oh, I so enjoyed being with you there in that tree den! What a gorgeous world you share with the bears and the otters. Stunning photography! A joy! Thank you!!

  36. What a beautiful series of nature images, Tammie. You've got a great eye!

  37. Mmmm. That first photo has such a special feeling about it. I look at the edge of the water, the line of trees in the snow, and a little chill passes through me.
    I LOVE that you sat in the den. Love it.

  38. What a wonderful post ~ thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your world with us all.

    And yes, yes I do remember the "bear tree!" ♡

  39. Thanks for taking me on your trip....love it. Happy times to you my friend. Hugs Dagmar

  40. Hi Tammie, your birthday cake now looks like an iced Christmas cake.
    P.S I ditched Google +, it wasn't for me.

  41. Beautiful. I love the before and after.

  42. These are super photos, Love'em all

  43. You brought be to the tree Tammie, Thank you

  44. the first image looks very different and so cool as usual!


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