Canola Fields

have you ever liked to wander
simply let the day unfold
maybe take a friend or two
or simply go alone
one never knows what they may find
beauty in details divine
or find a yellow field so fine
that spirit clears
and feels refined

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Roses and Strawberries

wandering through the woods
a grouse lures me away
from its precious eggs which lay
upon the forest floor

wild roses bloom
sat to admire delicate fragrant petals
which I had to eat
tasting the sweetness
ethereal pleasure

when one eats from the wild
one becomes part of the wild

scent of rain
arrives on a warm summer breeze
wandering home as the storm flies in
hoping for another rose to see
so I can take it home with me


Sunset Sunrise & Summer Solstice

sun falls
towards the horizon
my energy falls to softness
my own horizon

light dawning
or setting
reveals the soul
of life

Wishing one and all a wonderful Summer Soltice,
may each summer day bring gifts that uplift your spirit and brighten your day!

photo 1. Sunset storm building,  Two Medicine, Glacier National Park, last week.
photo 2. Sunrise, leaving Two Medicine the next morning.

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Flathead Lake, Montana

to witness the beauty of nature
we lean towards it
taking its presence to heart
witness more deeply
and clearly
and our beauty
becomes evident

veils of illusion disappear
as if they never were
essence of true substance
stay with this and life's
vitality builds

external beauty
a reminder of internal vitality

Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in the western U.S. 
Approximately 27 miles long by 15 miles wide and maximum of 370 feet deep.

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