Winter Treasure Hunt

treasures of and in trees

i love 
to find nests in winter trees

when leaves have fallen from their branches 

nests are revealed for us to enjoy

a winter treasure to find



Cloudy January Day

the day was shades of
blue and gray

along the shore
found icy treasures

artful sculptures

a window to a red rock gem

air bubbles 
held in the embrace of ice

just enough light
for reflection


Beauty of a Sunny Winter's Day

 morning sun
painted the day

donning xc skis 
went out to play

clouds and blue skies
felt like medicine to eyes
spirit and soul

mounds of snowfall
whispers of hibernating life
 billows of snow everywhere we go

adore to see tracks
of who passed before

a perfect winter's day


Home Sweet Home

I wandered South to visit loved ones
for the holidays

passed through lands
cloaked in frost and blue skies

got as far south as Southern California

where days were as warm
rather hot
as the gold in the setting sun's skies

found a tremendous amount of birds
and asked if they missed Montana

saw succulents bathing in the heat of day

saw trees that i love
that do not live in the northern realm where i live

trees that made me pause to breathe with

look close
what do you see!

a bear had climbed this tree!
(Ashland Oregon)

day after day of driving
(as it was a 24 hour drive each way)
i drove back into winter

to the land that i call home

wishing you a wonderful 2014
may the year overflow
with days
and nights
that feel wonderful 
to you!