Oyster Mushrooms


Yum yum

it is oyster mushroom season

in our area they grow on dead or dying aspen or cottonwood trees

I have found them in three places this week

get out and wander

 they burst through the bark and grow fairly fast, a few days and ready to harvest

These are growing in my yard on a dead aspen tree
this tree not only hosts mushrooms, 
there is a hairy woodpecker family nesting, 
an entire realm going on in this tree

if i had found them in the woods
I doubt I could have reached
yet here at home
a ladder and then a long rake
did the job





Lady Slipper Orchids


This morning I glanced at the soft sunshine pouring through the forest
and wondered if it was kissing the lovely Lady slippers. Camera in hand I wandered into the woods. Sure enough sunlight gently graced the forest and landed on the lovely orchids. 

When I headed out, I thought I would be home soon for a cup of tea, but the forest beckoned me, wrapping an aura of rarified energy around me. I wander through trees, meadows and over hills. Green lush everywhere at this time of year. Flowers sprinkled throughout. Bird song as a companion. 

The forest has that ability, to wrap itself around us in a nurturing way, unwinding any tight places, bringing our breath gently home and mind quiet. It offers us peace and inspiration, inspiring awe for our beautiful world.