gifts rise
as identities fall aside
releasing: I am this I am that
I'm not this I'm not that
freedom to honor ones truth becomes available
perhaps any struggle is between the dance of who we think we are
the expansive possibilities of who we actually are
to pretend that life is contained
and predictable
is a shame
migrate towards vast potential
find that
step after step on your path
ignites deep inspiration guided by your soul

tiny snowflakes
and frosty autumn leaves


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Vast Mystery

opening to the vast mystery
an endless creative force
a universe of possibilities
thrives within my core
images of a night sky
filled with twinkling stars
forever one can wander to the edges oh so far
to see oneself in all of life
opens a magic door
we are artists of the infinite
this I am thankful for

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving.
May the vast mystery touch your heart,
in a way that brings you peace and joy.

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Ultimate Romance

life is the ultimate
sublime romance
a dance
to be fully and sweetly
completely romanced


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Cascade of Water Light and Leaves

dance of light on water
a sensuous delight
absorbed by our sight
adds breath to inner light
enriching our deep waters

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Day and Night

gives sight to life's dance
mated with the
darkness of the night
essential both