Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

viewing the colors
of your deep waters
turquoise emerald velvety aquas and blues
my heart leans
towards you
a longing to immerse in your beauty


Fall Equinox

Tis the threshold of a new season.
As I wander through Yellowstone
The Grand Tetons
Autumn is beautifully obvious.
Days have a chill and the warmth of the sun penetrates in a delicious way.
My camera broke on this trip. So no Teton photos - not yet.
The photo above is from a few days ago in Yellowstone.

three steps into the woods
our eyes met
deep calm
alert awareness
each wondering of the others intentions
I watched as
coyote went for a drink
then coyote watched
as I wandered into the woods

photo 1. a wee geyser

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Today's Flowers

I would like to thank Today's Flowers for inviting me to be a
'guest friend':
Sunday September 20th.
I am on the road and will not be able to visit everyone in a timely manner,
yet look forward to a visit at some future time.
Please visit folks from around the world as they share photographs of flowers that have moved them to take their portraits!

Many thanks to the TF folks: Santilli, Denise, Pupo and Valkyrien
for hosting this weekly and lovely event!

feel your own deep rhythms
the dance of your personal style of divinity
slow dance
and prance
with the rivers and creeks within
your spirit
this is the grand journey


South and East

as I wander south
and east
barren landscapes
fill my days
light takes on a
vast quality
painting golden hills
with a glow
even clouds are illumined with a unique quality

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Good Company

allow time for silence
listen to spacious
as though listening to
a good friend
let its story envelope you
rest in this good company

1. Missoula foothills, sunrise
2.Mission Mountains, Montana


Thirst to Belong

born of a spirit
that is vast and eternal
risen from land
soil of earth
mingling with heavens
through the air that we breath
we already belong

photo: Grinnell Lake in E. Glacier Park

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Twas the Pisces Full Moon


there is the visual beauty of earth
there is her spirit
feel her spirit
let it mingle with the breath of your bones

heart may soften
breathing may slow
awareness rests within
inner light is found

the moon



Pearl Awakening

There is a pearl buried
deep between two wings
waiting to adorn her porcelain skin
waiting for the flush to begin
to rise and flow
ignite heart and eyes

she wears the new moon light as gems
enhancing flawless luster
flowing like a stream
pure radiance

all the stars gather to take her in
new moon light shines a glimpse
like endless diamonds sprinkled across the sky
stars fill the night

pearl of her heart takes flight
she is born to dance
life's romance

photo 1. hasta bud
photo 2. clover, up close

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Whispers of Autumn

a quiet spreads and fills the sky
with a warmth that
whispers of autumn
it is more than the green
of aspens a shade more limey
than yesterdays deep green
there is a quality that fills the air

dragon flies
are just a few
hummingbirds flew away where to
weeks ago
there were ten times more frogs
maybe they burrowed
into the mud
or have the muskrats eaten them

ground squirrels seem to have gone underground
whispers of seasonal changes
in the coolness of the night air
in the music of leaves
in the colors of the setting sun
whispers of autumns nearing


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