DC: metamorphosis

Winter is now dancing with Spring

daytime temperatures are high and snow is melting
the creek is  a mix of flowing and frozen

night time temps are cold
and waters freeze over

along the shore
grass and ice

  crystals grow at night
these were needle small 

along holes where animals or people have stepped
teeny hands of crystals grow while we sleep
and melt in the day

I do not remember seeing these seeds in our creek before
(they are floating in the water, or frozen to it)
I hope it is a native plant

so we've arrived at the in-between
of winter's breath
and the lively dance of spring

a metamorphosis of one season turning into the next

turns to thaw and freeze
every day
spring will reign

I find it all so beautiful to see

I am joining a wonderful group of artists
this weekend,
letting the word: Metamorphosis 
inspire them to create in any way they wish 
and share it on their blogs



Whispers of Spring

 we were lucky to have a few blue sky days
starry nights
which means cold enough for ice crystals
to appear

winter blues and whites 
in sunlight

it has been warm this week
in the 40'sF

snow is melting
sometimes it rains, instead of snows

yesterday i saw a Steller Jay bathing in the pond
the day before sand fleas - they only appear when it is warm
the day before a mosquito

these beautiful crystals 
don't whisper of spring

usually February 
does not whisper of Spring

but this year
we are finding whispers of spring already


Ice Crystal Morning

clouds parted during the night
stars shinned clear and bright

temperature dropped to -1F
crystals grew
creating a magical winter wonderland to awaken to

the song 
of snow geese filled the world
as they flew overhead

the world appears enchanted

wings of crystalline ice

wings in the sky