Woke to Blue skies and Sunshine

full of sunshine

light beckoned a morning ski

my tracks
and whose tracks?
I think fox

beneath the dunes
lies grass

Merry Christmas to you


Winter Crystals

when the clouds go away

and the stars shine above

temperatures drop deep

our sylvan realm begins to glow

ice crystals abound



A Frosty World

amongst the frosty crystals 
they perch

then take flight

blue is such a wonderful color for our sky

once upon a time

I hope your December is going well.

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There is an interview on my other blog:


The Soft Blues of Deep Cold

cold days
cold nights
mists rise

touch imagination

as they cloak some bits
and not others

frost shimmers

grows thick as cold days carry on

i delight
in the blues and whites


Galaxies of Ice Crystals

this past week 
deep cold temperatures have filled our days and nights
the perfect environment for
crystals to manifest

unique from all i have seen in the past
a bit like the beauty of moths wings

layer after layer of beauty came to be

each unique

fragile delights

below the ponds surface
bubbles frozen in time

meadows tall grasses lay down
under the weight of galaxies of crystal beings

their presence inspires joy 

below the ice, a strawberry leaf 
and fuzzy snowflakes on the surface
if you look at my last post
there is a photo of the ponds surface
now look at how many crystals have formed:
they grow and change


First Snow and Cold Temperatures

 any thoughts on what these photos are of?

 twas a very cold morning

frozen condensation
on the inside of my cabin windows

wandering the forest
amongst our first snow
i found a squirrel stashed a mushroom
up in a tree

my ponds have a thick layer of ice

when you look close
sha zam!

frosty crystals

all over the surface!

but when i got out of this wee hollow
what a beautiful and cold day:

it looks like winter has begun


Honoring Autumn Leaves

leading with one of my older photos
and a favorite of mine
a rare find when raindrops are colored

ancient rugged beauty

leaves reflected as golden light
dancing on the river

forest lace
in the depth of a dark forest

a crown of ice crystals

through the leafy veil

together they begin winter

gems of rain

lay me down to sleep till spring

this last one is one i have always loved

more rugged handsome


leaves as treasures


Autumn Still Fills our Days and Nights

the sun came out today
for a little while to play

the Western Larch are a bit past their prime
still don their golds
a bit divine

the clouds mixed with fog
won my heart

I only had my iPad with me today
so that is why these photos are grainy

a few days ago
we had a couple hours of snow:

lately days have been gray
and rainy
wishing you a sweet autumn as we lean towards winter