Spring has begun

snow is melting
river rising
aquas and green water rushing

Montana Rockies 
wearing Snow cloak

hoping to find a freshly fallen antler
and there it was!

first butterfly sighing of the year!

river rocks
dressed in sunlight and snowmelt

because so many of you love our river rocks
just so that you can see them dry

sandy floor

then i noticed
most the sticks on the beach whittled at each end!
beaver home must have been torn apart by the river.
never knew they chewed each side of their sticks:
wet and dry:

i feel thrilled 
with our new season Spring
that i found a tick walking around on me yesterday


Spring is Evident

spring is tumbling into our world earlier this year
snow is melting 
meadows make their way to holding lakes

I have seen robins three days now
a sure sign of spring

nature is busy creating artful sightings

cattails long gone to seed

 become characters

 that make me smile with wonder

 I love how each year there are new things to chance upon

 I wonder if insects tuck deep within these whacky holes
and called them home sweet home
this past winter



The Unwary Pine Grosbeak

against our gray day
earth cloaked in old snow
starting to tarnish with age
a new joyous song filling the air
i spied RED
unexpected in our usual and sparse wintry mix
of birds

the pine grosbeak

it ate sunflowers seeds that fell to the ground
but not from the feeder

the lovely female nearly disappears
into the colors of the mossy limbs of the tree

a poor photo above
but i wanted you to see the male and female
side by side

a small yellow spot at the corner of it's eye
also their song is lovely
to me i hear: pretty bird over and over
but not on the recordings on websites
they have stayed around for a month and a half
a bit of color means so much in deep winter grays

they inspired a painting:

the bird feeder hat

i share my art at my other blog: