Spring is Evident

spring is tumbling into our world earlier this year
snow is melting 
meadows make their way to holding lakes

I have seen robins three days now
a sure sign of spring

nature is busy creating artful sightings

cattails long gone to seed

 become characters

 that make me smile with wonder

 I love how each year there are new things to chance upon

 I wonder if insects tuck deep within these whacky holes
and called them home sweet home
this past winter



  1. It certainly does look like things are waking up there.

  2. Oh those cattails! So incredibly beautiful and lush in this state. I love your photos of them to the max. I still have last autumn's cattail by my fireplace. Wonder what I can do to it to make it "bloom" like this?

    1. I am so happy that you enjoyed them, i found them to be so much fun.
      I wonder how that happens. Most of the ones in the meadow were not like this. Perhaps a bug starts it and then the wind and rain does the rest?
      see you tomorrow at DC

  3. Those are really neat characters!

  4. Great sky in the first shot.

  5. Those cattails are so amazingly expressive! They could be puppets on a string interacting and talking about the weather and how nice it is to the the spring arriving again!

  6. What a wonderful eye you have to catch those magnificent cat tails -- Characters indeed!

  7. Those cattails are crazy. I have never seen them do that.

  8. Beautiful photos of your arrival of Spring weather. We are enjoying the birth of Spring here also ♥

  9. Your cattails are incredible! I have never seen like this...
    Must be because they've been frozen and stretched outward with frost...
    They make me think of very fat lips, LOL!
    I don't think many insects would find shelter for long inside, the seeds will fly off at the first guts of wind.
    Lovely photos Tammie :)

  10. It seems that Spring comes early, but here in Spain at least, he turns to go.
    The most beautiful photos every time, do not know how far you're going to get.
    Have a good one, Tammie !


  11. Spring looks so unfamiliar in your part of the world, so very different from how it is here. So very beautiful, though.

  12. the cattail shots are GREAT!! they do look like they're yelling "SPRING!!! YAY!!"

  13. I have to smile at your cattail critters, Tammie! It looks like your melt has begun. Warmer temps here, too - not great for our ski mountain. I do know that winter will return for us though - it always does.

  14. Spring is definitely springing for you, and certainly is creating some artful images as it does so! I have never seen a cattail. What tree / plant are they part of? And your robins are so much bigger than ours.

    1. Hi Janice,

      Cattails are a grass type plant that get tall, like 3- 10 Feet tall. They are a marsh plant. I have never eaten them, but there are edible parts to them.
      How funny that our robins are different sizes. This one i photographed was all alone, almost as though it was posing for me.

  15. Outstanding photos! So fun to see the cattails, I cannot remember ever to have seen them.
    And the cute robin, no doubt, spring is on the way! :) Same here..
    Wishing you lovely days of spring! :)

  16. Wonderful shots! Love the wacky cattails.

  17. What gorgeous photos ....love the cattails!

  18. What a nice sunny day! Robins, what? No sign of them here yet, but I did see a gopher today (Richardson Ground Squirrel).

    What lovely colours, light and characters you have exhibited here!

  19. love that leaf in the ice shot, I don't know what to make of the cattails - it looks like it should be some strange creature of sorts

    hope you have a lovely day.

  20. Tammie, you always find the coolest things to photograph! I have never seen cattails do that. And that leaf in the ice is a wonderful shot!


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