Spring has begun

snow is melting
river rising
aquas and green water rushing

Montana Rockies 
wearing Snow cloak

hoping to find a freshly fallen antler
and there it was!

first butterfly sighing of the year!

river rocks
dressed in sunlight and snowmelt

because so many of you love our river rocks
just so that you can see them dry

sandy floor

then i noticed
most the sticks on the beach whittled at each end!
beaver home must have been torn apart by the river.
never knew they chewed each side of their sticks:
wet and dry:

i feel thrilled 
with our new season Spring
that i found a tick walking around on me yesterday


  1. You're lucky to find an antler. Those mountains are breathtaking!

  2. I think your life in a country of deserts not conceive, always playing with the ice ... and making it more beautiful...
    Hasve a good one, Tammie.


  3. So beautiful. The thaw of spring. So, so beautiful.
    And welcomed.

  4. What an amazing place!

  5. Oh, spring! There is nothing like it! And this, this space, this bit of heaven is quite magnificent.

  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je me réjouis d'apprendre que la neige disparaît pour faire place au printemps. Vos photos sont extraordinaires et celles avec les petits galets de couleurs sont fascinantes.

    ❀ Gros bisous ❀

  7. Oh, what lovely bursts of spring!

  8. Superb shots!
    Nice day Crissi

  9. Beautiful....I love the colours of the water.
    Wonderful to see your first butterfly. Hopefully they will appear here around Easter, but they've been scarce for a few seasons.
    and ticks.........there's always something!

    Happy Spring!

  10. So beautiful. I love those rocks. But the tick, yuck. Seems early for that.

  11. Beautiful photos of Spring in your area! So glad that Spring has finally arrived here too :)

  12. How lovely this all is, Tammie - except for the tick, of course!

  13. my it seems as everyone has spring except us. we still have dull drab and brown.

    beautiful images.

    1. we have a lot of drab brown too Felicia!
      I am just sharing the small bits that are evidence of spring ;-)

  14. thank you everyone for your lovely messages and for enjoying!

  15. just love your river rocks! such a beautiful mix of color!

  16. Oh gosh it looks so unlike what I imagine your part of Montana to be in March. Then again, I forget that it's almost April! So can one just pick up antlers or do you have to leave them there?

    1. hello!
      I was in the forest around where i live, so we can pick them up. I think the only place one can not take them home is in Glacier National Park or on private land, but i could be wrong. People look for them every year, some people that is. Some folks train their dogs to find them too.

      We are in the in-between time, that dance between winter and spring.... it could still snow and the grasses have barely begun to grow, yet each day there is a new sign or more of Spring.

  17. Hi Tammmy,
    What a grand site! Its fabulous to discover your magnificent surroundings through your lens!
    Wonderful to find antlers, I bet you have quite a few by now!
    I really love your colorful pebbles, so much texture!
    Spring is indeed upon us, enjoy it and keep well!

  18. Gorgeous images of winter slipping away and the streams and rivers swollen with melted snow. I especially like the coloured stones through the water and the photo called 'sandy floor'. Please watch out for ticks. I got bitten by an infected one a few years ago and the side effects did not go unnoticed.

    1. Oh! I am sorry to hear that you got bitten with bad symptoms. I know it can be serious and hard to determine and also to treat. I hope you are well now!

      Once I find a tick walking on me, then every little sensation gets my attention, I think that is true for most of us. I usually only find one a year, so they are not too bad here. I remember walking in Calif. and getting 15 on me... oye!

      sweet week to you!

  19. So much interesting in this post and gorgeous photos! I love your Montana rocks and stones! I surely understand you love the spring there! And you found a beautiful summerbird!

  20. Very beautiful!!!Love the rocks on the sandy floor and the nature!!Wowow!!

  21. Very beautiful!!!Love the rocks on the sandy floor and the nature!!Wowow!!

  22. Inspiring regrowth ....wonderful shots! Love those multicolored rocks!......ugh, a tick.....the joys of the outdoors me dear:)

  23. Hi Tammie, lovely scenery and glad that spring is coming. So it is here in Sweden west coast too! Great !

  24. Oh dear, I hope you got rid of that tick before it got too attached to you! Thank you for sharing these lovely images of early spring around you Tammie. x

  25. Oh what a beautiful day! Those stones are so great, so many different shades of natural colour, gorgeous!

  26. i always love the colorful & smooth river rocks!!
    love the antler...and the butterfly!! spring is surely on its way in!!

  27. Wunderbar sind diese farbigen Steine. Was die Natur alles hervorzaubert.

    Ein lieber Gruß
    von der Waldameise

  28. In this post, I can see something about the thaw of spring; uplifting sense of freshness, hope, and pleasant surprises. Enjoy the lovely transformation of the seasons.



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