2013 Blessing ~

whichever path you take
may blessings fill the dreams you make

may wings be yours to soar these paths

may sight be yours to see the gifts of life quite precious
may it fill your heart

may joy be in the steps you take

may you journey into 2013 with love in your heart

may you walk in beauty


Winter Solstice 2012

winter's beauty now begins
shortest days come to an end...
more light enhances each coming day
Winter Solstice 

lovely Solstice to one and All



like a layer of thick icing
winter's mantle of snow

dressing the trees 
in the place of leaves

tiny dunes
adorable peaks

shadows dance
with sunlight

i take joy
in winter's expression


Snowflakes, Very Tiny

lovely snowflakes just for you

oh so tiny
crystalline beauty

if you are wondering
this green is my firewood carrier made of canvas cloth
today it is snowing
fine sugar falling through the sky
not crystalline stars like the ones from yesterday