Happy Solstice to You

spring has been beautiful
wild orchids sprinkle the woods
but you must look for them
as they are not plentiful or obvious

a visitor, only stayed a couple of minutes
(a black bear)

many days involved visiting flowers
(yep, that is me)

some days are spent chasing Red-napped sapsuckers off of my mountain ash tree, and letting them peck for sap on the alders that grow like weeds

fields of flowers make my heart swell with energy
appreciation for life

collecting wild roses and herbs for tea
a spiritual elixer

tiny green being, the size of an ant 
metallic and busy is a delight to see

bugs galore
visiting my sketch
while sitting in the grass
Spring was lovely!
Now to embrace summer and all the gifts it offers.

Lovely Solstice to you!
Be it Summer or Winter in your part of the world. 



Spring an expression of Joy

this little beauty landed near me
maybe 3/4" across
I think it is a female moth, maybe a looper
if you know, please tell me!

another tiny and first meeting
a pygmy bitterroot flower
so pretty

a lovely area of rock terraces
maybe an inch of moss covered soil
the home of vast amounts of flowers!

amongst a sea of colbalt purple larkspur
I found a few lovely white beauties

 walking along a forest path
one big puffball
became dinner:

wild orchids hold a special place in my heart
their season like most wildflowers is brief
the lovely fairy slipper:

spring is lush and green
sunny days and rainy days

wildfire smoke for a few days from Alberta is gone now

I do love all our seasons, 
taking to heart each and every day. 

I hope your spring or maybe your autumn is
offering delight to you, as well.