Spring an expression of Joy

this little beauty landed near me
maybe 3/4" across
I think it is a female moth, maybe a looper
if you know, please tell me!

another tiny and first meeting
a pygmy bitterroot flower
so pretty

a lovely area of rock terraces
maybe an inch of moss covered soil
the home of vast amounts of flowers!

amongst a sea of colbalt purple larkspur
I found a few lovely white beauties

 walking along a forest path
one big puffball
became dinner:

wild orchids hold a special place in my heart
their season like most wildflowers is brief
the lovely fairy slipper:

spring is lush and green
sunny days and rainy days

wildfire smoke for a few days from Alberta is gone now

I do love all our seasons, 
taking to heart each and every day. 

I hope your spring or maybe your autumn is
offering delight to you, as well.



  1. These are wonderful shots!

  2. Oh how lovely nature is, in all its aspects, mighty And soft! I enjoy your photos!
    We have many kinds of small orchids here, not the fairy slipper, but pretty ones too, mostly pink, but also white and light purple and greenish...
    Spring is finished now here in Israel. Hot summer days are painting the land yellow and beige and brown...
    Hugs to you Tammie and good times!

    1. I think I have seen photos of orchids you have seen, long ago in a post. They are so pretty and also interesting.

      Your summer does come early. I have lived places like that.
      Thank you for your visit.

  3. Wonderful images of your spring. I love them all, but have a special fondness for the amazingly beautiful white a pink flowers in a sea of cobalt purple Larkspur!
    Enjoy your wonderful spring, Tammie!

    1. Thank you Sandra.
      It was such a delight to spy two different colored larkspur/delphiniums amongst the others.

  4. I don't know the name of your friend in flight but I do know how lovely it is. And, too, the blooms of your spring. I wish I knew enough about fungi to know what would make a delicious dinner! I'm glad you found that one!

    1. I wish I knew the name of the winged beauty, but I suppose it really doesn't matter.
      It has taken me years to grow confident in eating a few different wild mushrooms. I have so much more to learn.

  5. What an unusual collection, but very beautiful! I had not heard of the pygmy bitterroot but it's splendid, as are the different shades of larkspur. You are certainly having a beautiful season!

  6. The green female moth is beautiful.
    How gentle the sunlight falling on your spring flowers is.
    Have a good weekend, Tammie.

  7. Our weather is finally delightful Tammie, your photography is so lovely! I have never seen such a moth before with that green color!

  8. Delightful shots of the flowers. And I love that green butterfly/moth!

  9. Spring is the most beautiful thing in our life.
    Have a good one, Tammie !


  10. AnonymousJune 12, 2019

    Such beautiful photos, you brought us on a soothing wonderful journey!

  11. I love seeing spring in Montanan through your lovely photos.


  12. That little moth fellow blends right in with the greenery, doesn't he? The photo with the Purple flowers in the distance is stunning. Montana sure has so much beauty in every season. I hope to visit there someday.


  13. Wonderful photos! What a beautiful place to live.
    Puff balls are something else. I happened upon one last year, but didn't know what it was.
    I hear they are tasty too.


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