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More about this little fungi:
It popped up in my lawn, same location as last year, my lawn is made of wild grasses with mixes of moss included. Just a single mushroom, no friends about. Though there is what appears to be moss living around it. This is in the northwest of Montana. It is smooth on the back side, no gills that my eyes can see. It is translucent when the sun comes through.


Do you visit Mushrooms?

Last year I found a unique orange mushroom living outside my cabin. This year around the same time I looked daily for another one to appear. Then one day it was there! This little creature stays around for a long time. I guess no one likes to eat it. The deer who wander through my forest eat many of the mushrooms that grow. But this one lasts about a month! I feel great affection for it and visit it daily. I put sticks of protection around it so that no one steps on it with out knowing. For a month I feel like I have a sweet friend living outside. So tell me, do any of you have mushrooms that you visit over and over again? I can't be the only one with mushrooms as friends!

ALSO, if you can tell me what kind of mushroom this is..... I will send you one of the greeting cards that I make as a thank you!

By the way it is nearly 2 inches tall.
Also, even mushroom experts may tell the name of this shroom, because if you don't.... it is possible that no one may guess!



Ooh la la, COFFEE!
For years I have been seriously addicted to my morning coffee. The first sip being the best, inspiring sounds of satisfaction and delight. Somehow my fancy for this dark delicious, bitter drink has slipped away from me this year. These days I fancy dark hot cocoa made with home made almond milk, I match the amount of cocoa with honey stir in a bit of hot water and top it with frothy hot almond milk.
a cup of organic Earl Grey Tea!

The drink in this photo was a mighty delicious soy

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The Lovely Honor of the Brillante Weblog

The honor of being appreciated flows freely among artists of blog-land. This is a wonderful feeling of encouragement, the presence of the muse. Talented Deryn of Something Sublime has passed the Brillante Weblog on to me, visit Deryn, I sense you will love the beauty of her art, I do!

In response I would like to share some wonderful blogs with you!

I would like to pass the love on to the following talented folks that I enjoy on a regular basis:

Muratt 11 is a favorite witty and wonderful writer.

Rosemari, whose generosity of sharing the delicious 'how to' make an amazing variety of things at: What I Made Today.

Kiva Rose's generous and yummy Herbal Wisdom.

The Fantastic art of Son of Incogneato!

The Amazing art of Johanna!

To use Deryn's words: I think you all know the drill... go and create your own list of inspiring links (if you are inspired to do so)!


Little Miss Tipi

Last weekend I visited a friend in Polebridge. Polebridge is a wee town near the Canadian border and is surrounded by wilderness. For me to get there I have to drive one and a half + hours on dirt roads. I feel as though I have stepped back in time as I enter this town with one store: 'The Mercantile' which is everything, post office, bakery, coffee shop, gift shop, pay phone (no mobile reception) and a place to socialize. Oh and there is a bar for music, drinks and food next door 'The Northern Lights'.

I helped my friend set up his tipi. As we stood back and looked at it, I saw a fantastic dress. Imagination can be like that, much like when folks see things in clouds. This week memories of that dress stayed with me and yesterday I attempted to draw what I saw. I present to you:

Little Miss Tipi

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