Do you visit Mushrooms?

Last year I found a unique orange mushroom living outside my cabin. This year around the same time I looked daily for another one to appear. Then one day it was there! This little creature stays around for a long time. I guess no one likes to eat it. The deer who wander through my forest eat many of the mushrooms that grow. But this one lasts about a month! I feel great affection for it and visit it daily. I put sticks of protection around it so that no one steps on it with out knowing. For a month I feel like I have a sweet friend living outside. So tell me, do any of you have mushrooms that you visit over and over again? I can't be the only one with mushrooms as friends!

ALSO, if you can tell me what kind of mushroom this is..... I will send you one of the greeting cards that I make as a thank you!

By the way it is nearly 2 inches tall.
Also, even mushroom experts may tell the name of this shroom, because if you don't.... it is possible that no one may guess!


  1. So unusual and so beautiful!

    I have quite a large mushroom in my front yard ... it's past its photogenic peak though. They are amazing!

  2. A pet mushroom. Very interesting. And, I agree, a very interesting looking one as well.

  3. Oh my. This is gorgeous, but it puts me in mind of some strange alien creature in a 50s science fiction movie - just appearing from nowhere. Silently moving in.

    Be careful! :)


  4. Is it a Jack-O-lantern mushroom? They are poisonous which could explain why the deer leave it alone...

  5. Eve, I love that you guessed. Thank you! Makes sense that you guessed Jack-O-lantern mushroom since they are both orange. Still I don't think that is what it is.
    big hugs anyway!

  6. What about a Hygrocybe persistens? Some photos look like it. Goodness, who knew there were so many varieties? That photo/mushroom is gorgeous. It looks so smooth and waxy.

  7. Hi eve,

    I don't think it is Hygrocybe persistens either. You are so right there are so many varieties! This is not an easy one to find the identity of, at least not for me. Good try though. Let me know if you come across anything else!

  8. After combing through all of my mushroom books I have to give up for the time being. I’m thinking that this little fellow belongs to either the cup or club fungi families. If you had a photo of the underside it would help a great deal (gills, tubes, smooth?), as well as a couple of words about his/her ecology, i.e. wet/dry, forest/field, etc.

    By the way, this is lots of fun. Perhaps you could feature an ‘Identify Mushroom of the Week’? Or maybe ‘Moss of the Week’, for those countless hoards of moss freaks out there . . .

    No matter what it’s called, it’s a handsome little being. I have had pet shrooms, mosses and a spider, named Edgar, who lived on the bathroom ceiling for a year or so. If it’s alive it’s a friend of mine.


  9. Son,
    Stay tuned, I will post another image.
    You are so right, more info about this little critter would have been helpful! I have been told that looking at a shroom is but a small part of identifying it! There is the taste, smell, spore print, environment and maybe more. I will post an image from another angle and tell a bit more.

  10. I can't identify mushrooms, but if this one were a sculpture I might title it "Orange Spirit." Or even "Orange Sprite.

  11. Hi San,
    Yes orange spirit or sprite does fit this little being. I will miss it when it is gone. I find it amazing that it is still around. Tis shy of a month old now.

  12. I don't know what this one is, but it certainly is gorgeous! Reminds me of a jack-in-the-pulpit...

  13. We have many mushrooms here in Houston but they are scary and look like they might take over the world. I put sticks of destruction around them. Is this a trumpet mushroom? (I just made that up!)

  14. very unusual! sculptural!


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