Hush to Recieve

there is a holiness in the setting sun
the exquisite quality of the light
tells us so
I've heard a hush
in daytime chatter
that beckons us to absorb this gift
hush to receive
light flows into us

Photos: Glacier National Park, Montana

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Changeable Dance of Water

shadows and light
colors dance
to our delight
wood and stone
don't dance alone
they mingle
a life of
varied textures

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for watery photos around the world


One World One Heart Give Away~

Greetings and Welcome to Spirithelpers
and the
One World One Heart Give Away!
Many thanks to:
Lisa Swifka: A Whimsical Bohemian, the host and creator of this event~

This year we are riding a magic carpet to visit one another.
Mine is a magic carpet of moss and the wee creatures that live here:

so climb aboard take a peak about my blog
read poetry inspired by the spirit of nature
enjoy the beauty of our world through my photography
let the spirit of our natural world enchant the essence of life within you

I feel honored to participate for my 3rd year,
OWOH is a chance to share what we are passionate about
inspire and be inspired
and to make friends
I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you

Two people will win this year~

Each gift will be a set of 5 greeting cards or an 8"x10" fine art Photograph
winners choice!

winners will visit my etsy shop and choose the photos that you would like to have

LEAVE a comment on THIS and only 'this' post and you will be entered in the Spirithelpers give away~

winners will be announced February 15th 2010

wishing you a lovely journey as you wander the world of blogs
experiencing the one heart of our world


Sun to Mist

sunny day gives sway
mist rises
swirls through woodlands
floating the lakes surface
a moist cloak
soothes and nourishes
busy minds
and eyes
abode of ease

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Like a Feather

rest softly in your body
thoughts quiet
as they sink and float with your breath
like a feather
floating on the whisper of a breeze
a quality
of liveliness
has space to flow
to grow
to fill each bit of flesh
of thought
expanding into space
we permeate
blend and mate
we breathe with all life
my energy is yours
as one

photos: North Fork, Montana

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Along the Waters Edge

along the waters edge
find mysteries and majesties
miracles and frozen things
crystalline beauty and charming ice
little bugs and gems so nice
it's winters lovely paradise
it's winters magical device
enchanting us beyond our sight
imagination ignites
start seeing winters miracles
along the waters edge
along winters edge
find mysteries and majesty
mysteries and majesty

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No Breeze

no breeze this day
yet I see the breathing of the trees

deep within my belly
something calms
and blends

to feel their breathing as my own



my heart bows to the passing of 2009
like the setting sun
which baths the world in tender
vibrant color
wings of light unfold
gliding into 2010
what will each day hold
certainly a heart
that honors
a sentient

To all my friends in this wonderful blogging realm
I wish you a year of dreams come true
may your path be clear
may grace fill your journey
may joy fill your days
may vitality be yours
wishing you the courage to honor
the whispers and wings of your heart
Happy New Year!

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