Colors of the Day

 glorious solo tree
branches flying free

colors of the day
make my heart sway

spirit is transformed
by the land and all I see

summer is the gift
yellow green blue and white

more than sight
the day is like a sprite
embedding colors in my psyche



Naked Broomrape, what a name!

walking  amongst the forest
atmosphere of living permeates 
not only sight also breath
faint breeze stirs scents
a symphony of perfume
mingling with light
dancing with shadows
an alchemy
inspiring contented delight

I love that each year I find new flowers
I was delighted to meet this little beauty yesterday!

for the first time I am joining Gail of Wildflower Wednesday and all her friends. To enjoy more wildflowers, do treat yourself to a visit!



Mamma Sqiurrel Moves her Family

it was the soft murmuring that came from the wall
sounds of newborns calling for milk
muffled and soft sounds
that brought the warmth of their mother near
this is how I knew I now lived with squirrels
then one day arrived
and the scurrying feet of mamma
was a clue that something new was happening
I ran out to find she was moving out
babies in mouth
stealing insulation too

sorry this is blurred
but look at her flying with babe in mouth:



Identification; Amelanchier alnifolia, Service Berry Flowers

wanting to ID the flower buds in the last post
I drove the hour
hiked the hike
felt mystified by what it could have been
you see, the spiraling red in the bud is not common
I suppose that is why it caught my eye
most the bushes were covered in white buds
but upon close inspection, some flowers had lovely red veins
the plant is known as Service Berry Flowers
in fact I have one growing outside my window
silly me
these bushes will be covered in edible berries come summer

Thank you for attempting to help me figure it out!
I wish I had been able to give you more information to go on

Since you were all so lovely to consider what the bud might be
I would love for one of you to receive the offer of two greeting cards

I went to an online random generator and it chose: Evil Shannanigans

two poorly photographed examples of a wee bit of red in the petals and stem:



Dancing with What Is

living as beauty
living fully and freely
dancing with what is
dancing with rain sun and wind
true preparation
for the future
for the fruit of tomorrow

dear blog friends, 
i believe the second photo is some sort of saxifrage
but the top photo, what is that adorable little bud?

last week I found that bud in Glacier National Park, which is in North Western Montana USA.
I did not bother to photograph the entire plant, which would surely help in identifying it. 
I was simply smitten with the buds....
it would be my pleasure to give two of my greeting cards to the first person 
who tells me the correct name of the flower/plant (of the tiny white and red buds in the first photo of this post) in a comment. 


Glacier lilies and Trilliums

glacier lilies and trilliums
trilliums and glacier lilies
wildflowers grace the forest floor

for me
a fun thing
most glacier lilies i have seen are yellow
and most trilliums white