Summer is Pouring on the Heat

amongst the hot days
there is water


large vistas 
to dream into

alpine waters dancing down the mountains

rivers singing 
with all their might

lovely forget me nots
reminding us of grace and beauty

new life entering our world
prancing about our meadows
napping in the shade
wishing you sweet summer (some of you; winter) days


Summer Solstice ~

beautiful Summer is upon us

time to hike into the mountains
to drink aqua waters with our eyes
and spirits

in the high mountains
glacier lilies still bloom
(this one unique with a short stem, rests gently on it's leaves)

along the trails
waterfalls to cool and refresh by

a time of color
vibrant under creek waters

Montana stones, eye candy
that feeds our hearts

 winged ones are busy as can be

summer is a busy time
of growth
it must all happen before the season once again changes


sitting at the feet of mountains
like sitting with a holy being

summer is a grand time of celebrating life

lovely Solstice to you and yours
whether it be summer or winter in your neck of the woods



Many Glacier, Montana

on a breeze
the high mountains
called to me

i felt it in my heart
and in my blood

after a long winter 
wandering dirt roads, hiking trails and camping
is essential

the Eastern Rockies are wild and gorgeous
yet tenderness can be found:

photos are the trail to Iceberg Lake

are the Rockies now calling your name?



Montana Spring

the world is dressed in color

and light

color and magical light

I wish I could photograph the scents of the forest for you:
thick, sweet, spirit altering 
mix of 
trees flowers earth

some plants are fruiting
some are just beginning to rise through the earth

I sat close to this owl at sunset the other night
until it spotted it's meal and dove into the grassy meadow

this scene is So Montana!