Spring's Abundance

forget me not

raindrops adorn tiny flowers

forest strawberry flower
promises of fruit

more forest food
they have already been nibbled on

tiny forest orchids
striped coral

forest lace
as tender ferns

another portrait of fairy slippers for Noushka

sweet little violets

i am smitten!


Jewels of Rain and More

 the joys of spring are amongst us
a few precious Fairy Slippers thrive upon the forest floor

raindrops capture setting sun light

forest mushroom choose a tree stump for their home

dandelions cloak the earth

precious orchids give me delight

entering a meadow
one never knows whom they will find
sandhill crane and young buck


Spring Walk

walking in the woods
a cool day
mixed with warmth from the sun

paused at a muddy spot
to consider paw prints
looks like a young lion passed by

a gentle breeze passed through
carrying the subtle scent
of skunk and pennyroyal

(photo not pennyroyal)

 I wonder at the story...
 who got sprayed by a skunk and why 
I smelled something similar this week
near my cabin
a lion killed a deer
I set a trail camera on the carcass
 checked the camera a couple days later
and this is what my camera captured:

 pausing in one spot
treasures found
a sleeping lady bug I spy

and a bumble bee flew by

new growth on Tamaracks

yellow violets sun bathe 

trees with vibrant buds

in one spot it feels 
as though the entire spirit of life exists

(moss flowers)
I find quiet joy in this




Beltane 2014

we are
halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice

flowers raise their lovely faces

to the sun

cloaked in leaves

glacier lilies breathe

until the perfect moment to bloom

flower season has JUST begun

it amazes me
to find tiny succulents
that have lived beneath winter's snow

I am still in love
with the new buds on the tops of fir trees