Spring Walk

walking in the woods
a cool day
mixed with warmth from the sun

paused at a muddy spot
to consider paw prints
looks like a young lion passed by

a gentle breeze passed through
carrying the subtle scent
of skunk and pennyroyal

(photo not pennyroyal)

 I wonder at the story...
 who got sprayed by a skunk and why 
I smelled something similar this week
near my cabin
a lion killed a deer
I set a trail camera on the carcass
 checked the camera a couple days later
and this is what my camera captured:

 pausing in one spot
treasures found
a sleeping lady bug I spy

and a bumble bee flew by

new growth on Tamaracks

yellow violets sun bathe 

trees with vibrant buds

in one spot it feels 
as though the entire spirit of life exists

(moss flowers)
I find quiet joy in this




  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Quel plaisir que de me promener avec vous... La nature est en fête ! Vos photos sont extraordinaires.
    Et quelle surprise avec celle de ces ours !
    Merci pour ce moment de bonheur et de quiétude.
    Gros bisous ♡

  2. What wonderful signs of spring where you live. I love the bears you captured on camera. That bud against the sunlight is just gorgeous. I don't think that I've ever seen moss flowers before, so perky and dainty!

  3. What a levely walk, you live in a truly magnificent landscape and also a very gentle one at times. xxx

  4. The picture of the bumble bee is amazing and so are your visitors! Now I'm wondering how a trail camera works!

  5. Every day more pleasure to see your blogs on nature, every day seem more tender. You're a teacher doing these things. This delight you give us with your teaching is immeasurable.
    Have a good one,Tammie.


  6. Such bountiful, abundant, mysterious beauty and wonder surround you!

    As always, thank you for sharing it with us. ♡

  7. So many amazing photos . . .
    but my favorite is the bee in flight,
    heading right for you.
    (I love bees.)

    Thanks for sharing, teaching.

  8. Hi Everyone!

    Ciel and Rick,

    I saw the bumble bee fly into a whole in the earth, so i sat waiting to see if it would come out, that is how i got that slightly blurry but fun photo. Thanks for noticing.
    It might be a queen bee looking for a nest.

    As for the camera, you place it where you like and it is triggered by movement. This one is on loan from a friend. Not that good of one. I wish it had taken more than two photo of the bear. I know there is a half hour between the two photos it took, oh well. Still fun to see who walks through my yard!
    I hope you are well and enjoying spring!


  9. What a joy for my eyes and soul! The bumble bee's flight and the vibrant bud are my favourites! I saw all the pics several times before writing...:)
    Tammie, you must be very brave to live in such a place, where bears use to wander!:)
    Thanks for these magical photos!!

  10. Magnificent captures Tammie, that looks like a hefty bear if you'd needed to fight him off. It was only when I was in Alberta that I learned of so many bear/human encounters. Your picture also got me googling and I see there was a fatal mauling in Alberta on May the 7th.

    Wonderful pictures though Tammie, you are a great photographer.

  11. Such abundance!! Lovely to catch the bear family, too.

  12. AnonymousMay 13, 2014

    Beautiful shots! I especially like the bee and what the trail cam saw!

  13. Such a magical world you capture!
    Amazing and joyful to my heart and soul. Thank you Tammie.

  14. Your photos show the birth of spring, Tammie. Still so much snow in Breckenridge. (Two feet this weekend!) I wonder if our bears our out and trying to find food. PS I love those little green tamarack "brushes."

  15. thanks for taking us along on your walk Tammie. lovely photos. looks like it's already quite warm there. we are finally getting some sun in BC, I'm glad!!!

    hugs and happy mid week, G

  16. A very refreshing walk in your world Tammie!

  17. …soothing post, Tammie...
    …and exciting too--loved seeing the bears!

  18. AnonymousMay 16, 2014

    Wow - bears! Amazing! Spring looks good where you are.

  19. Ha Tammie,je laat zo veel mooie dingen zien,daar kan ik echt van genieten.
    Wel spannend als daar de wilde beren rond lopen.
    je fotos van de planten en de bloemen zijn prachtig.
    een groet Christiene.

    Ha Tammie, you let so many beautiful things to see, I can really enjoy.
    Very exciting as there the wild bears around.
    your photos of the plants and the flowers are beautiful.
    a greeting Christiene.

  20. Such a peaceful world here.
    I love the photo of the bear and cub.
    Thank you Tammie, for the inspiration.

  21. Wow! You tracked a black bear on you camera!! Impressive Tammie! I wouldn't even dream of that!! :o
    Take care out there!
    Stunning photos, each and one of them! :)
    Photo no 2.. I can see an animal's eye to the right, a blue silver eye :)

  22. And the bumble bee - gorgeous! As known it's quite difficult to take a photo of a flying bumble bee, but you made it! :)

  23. Beautiful pictures,especially love the flying bee..how magical!


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