Autumn Colors


autumn arrived 4 weeks early

which is wonderful to have that crisp air, warm days and cold nights last longer

the colors, the light, the sky have been glorious

Mushrooms galore have fruited above the surface of the earth

making walks feel like Easter hunts

often it is the details of mushrooms that win my heart
(hollowfoot suillus)

the sky has been showing off, amazing day dream shows

a bend in the river highlights golds framed beautifully


wishing you a lovely autumn

(or spring)




A Camping Trip


the beauty of an autumn day

shadows and light

trails are getting colorful!

little cutie pie

a young bighorn sheep, horns still small


mamma and youngster

they were a nice surprise at the top of the trail 

I looked up to see 6 of them

well hello there

Running Eagle Falls is always meaningful to visit

there is a feeling of the sacred in the area

and is just that to the native people of the area.

earlier in the year there is also water pouring over the top of this fall. 

This time of year one can see the cave quite clearly.



These are glimpses of Two Medicine, 

an area of Glacier National Park.




Change of Season

Simple things like raindrops on a feather imbue the morning with magic

I have a wild apple tree
and someone climbed in it and broke branches and ate all the apples!
Bear? Deer? Fox? 
(update: it was a grizzly bear that got the apples, every single apple on the tree, gone)

we have gotten 3 rainstorms lately
mushrooms are fruiting through the crust of the earth
the season changed 4 weeks early, from hot summer to cool autumn
warm in the sun 
cool in the shade

some are drying out and becoming wonderfully artful:

the baby fawn is growing up!

still sticks close to mamma




Ghost Plant, Indian Pipe


ghosts of the forest

an intimate glimpse or two:

rare to see their insides as they are often facing down:

lovely petals of soft light:

translucent beings that rise from the forest floor:

in relationship with the wonderful trees

more than with the sun




Evidence of Spring


Throughout the day, my inner voice whispered.... take a walk, look for morels. They were beckoning.

I wandered the places where in past years I found one here, one there..... nope. Then a wee village of morels appeared before me. Imagine my delight. Just enough to add a kiss to dinner.

Did I hear them calling, absolutely. Did I also know that the earth has finally warmed to a temperature that they like to fruit and that spring is their season, yes to this also.

Does this all feel like magic, indeed it is. The magic of listening with heart and spirit, no different than listening to a friend tell their tale.

Instincts and intuition enrich life in an intimate way.

Listen to and honor your inner whispers. 

Spring flowers are bringing heartfelt joy,

the lovely pasque:

Sweet yellow bells:


Always an awe filled delight to see the Great gray owl:

We love our trilliums, I love how there is a light area where the stem of the flower rises from the leaves, it catches my eye:

Spring is more obvious daily

inspiring hope, delight and awe.

I hope this finds you enjoying the details of new life as I am. 

Lovely spring to you!





Little Bird Movies



I hope you enjoy my bird friends as much as I do. 

The top wee movie is in real time. 

You can see how swiftly they move. It is a fun little film due to having 22 birds coming and going.

Three types of chickadees and red breasted nuthatches.


 The wee movie above is in slow motion.

I love seeing the second bird, the female red breasted nuthatch, when something gets her attention behind her and turns swiftly. Things like that are hard to see in real time. 

And just in case you are loving these, one more little slow motion film of a mountain chickadee:

Lovely day and beyond to you~





When the Sun Shines

 When the sun lights up the world.....

This is the largest and deepest lake in Glacier National Park.

A beautiful place to simply be.

 Lake McDonald

 I love the little feather do on this one:

 Lovely day to you






Ice crystals


                when the sun peaks over the tall conifer forest and spreads light throughout my little hollow


sparkles of ice crystals that grew through the night light up the world


winter becomes a magical realm of sparkly crystals