Summer, Beautiful Summer


I drove to the mountains hoping to visit butterflies. When I got to the top of the pass there they were, a 1,000 of them fluttering about is not an exaggeration. 


They were around puddles sipping water absorbing minerals. I wish I had gotten a photo of the multitudes, yet as I approached they took to the air and fluttered around me. So glimpses is what I have to share.


The tiny pond snails are laying their eggs on leaves along the water.


lovely Self Heal is blooming, dotting the woods and meadows with their lovely presence. I am also using it in my tea and made a body oil with it. 


late spring and early summer we have had rains from time to time. Moss plumps up and grows at these times revealing their artful beauty. 


Enjoy each day, seasons come and go swiftly and each one holds its own special gifts.  


lovely summer to you