Snowy Autumn Land

fell asleep to a warm night sky
cloaked in clouds at 28F
woke to four fresh inches of autumn snow
two snow falls to date
how many will it take
before golden grasses lie down
announcing winter is here

in the meantime
grasses appear to be rising through
a sand land along an ocean shore
i can almost smell the salty air
when a breeze of pine
awakens me to our snowy autumn land


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Frosty Morning ~

I woke up
it was a frosty morning
and the first thing that i saw
was ice dressed in rainbows
my heart began to thaw
I thought I was heading to yoga
but smitten my path did change
kneeling to enjoy a sparkling ballet
morning light
golden grass
did reign

poem inspired by the rythym of Joni Mitchell's 
song: Chelsea Morning
thank you Joni

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Awesome Sale!

gently lapping waters
along your shore
soothe my thoughts
till they melt away
making room 
for your dancing rythym
and song 
like a slow dance
between lovers
filling all time and space

is a woman of heart
she finds them wherever she goes
this photo is for you Clytie 
(and all my lovely blog friends)

In celebration of life
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 woke up to snow, over an inch:

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Blush of Autumn

autumns blush goes on and on
delighting our eyes
filling the air
tis the time of year
when the sun shines on us it penetrates our bones
yet if a single cloud wanders by and cloaks the sun
we feel autumn's chill
and so it goes
warm and cold
light and shadows
as the sun rides closer to earths horizon
autumns blush goes on and on