Winter, lovely Winter

for us, winter has been mild

in my little snow belt
we have but a few inches of snow
some ice crystals to brighten our days

always a joy to have the natives pass through

all fluffed up in their winter coats

most our days are cloudy
and when the sun shines upon us
joy rises naturally

sunsets light
dances upon some trees longer than others

spring cleaning in winter
a squirrel's underworld home

I hope this finds you all well
enjoying your days and nights


autumn holding on

nearing the threshold of winter
autumn lingers on

the path through the forest was coated in an inch of snow 
wound this way and that to the lake, the frozen lake

reeds now held firm, leaned and stood with grace
reminiscent of masterful zen brush strokes

 we have had frosty mornings
for a couple of weeks

new expressions (for me)
like this spiky rime frost
for sharing the name of this frost!)

the frost grows in the direction that the weather arrives from 
the west
among the gray day
i did find a splash of color

soon Autumn will turn to winter
it has has a good long season this year

though in some parts of Montana they are in winter already
with deep snow falling a few times

Lovely ending days of autumn to you 
and yours




Late Autumn

autumn rains were most welcome 
after a dry summer

(I wish I could send it to California, along with the snow we got)

peppermint drop lichen
on an old log in the woods

seeing aqua logs in the woods is always a joy
they can be found, but not that many

autumn colors are past now
it was a lovely season

then the snow arrived....
so darn pretty

I thought winter arrived
but in most places it has melted away
( I live in a snow belt, the snow is still here )

the gentle lovely light of sunset

autumn leaning towards winter

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lovely days and nights to you


Autumn Glory

Glacier National Park is an hour drive for me.
Enter the park and it's spirit is tangibly. 
Certainly crossing a threshold into the sublime and earthy. 

'Going to the Sun'
is the name of the road that travels through the park, 
west to east. 
It travels high into the Rocky mountains to Logan Pass and back down the east side. 

do you see the road over on the right side of the mountains? (above)

They closed the road in the summer due to wildfires. 
Thankfully they opened it up a bit ago. 
Soon the road will close due to snow until next summer. 
There is a small bit of days that one can journey the road to see these views and colors.

it was a gorgeous blue skied day
but the clouds were there too 
adding to the drama, light and shadows

water is still flowing
even after a long hot summer

the high peaks are kissed with light snow

even though the grand views got our attention
the little ones captured my heart as well

 I nearly covered the tiny island 
by the branch of the tree
but there it is
a glimpse of treasure.

Lovely days and nights to you!


Blessed Equinox to You!

as the sun nearly kissed the evening horizon
i saw it perched
listening into the shoulder high grass meadow
waiting on dinner

(30 seconds) 

the seasons changed quite fast
one day 
after months of hot days
the air was more refined, the heat gone, night's even colder
the colors have begun

we are off to a colorful beginning to a new season!

 Kokanee salmon spawn up the creeks now
so many fish this year: 


(13 seconds)

sometimes it rains
cottonwood seed wool captures the drops beautifully:

such an amazing season
these skies
these colors

Lovely Equinox to you
be it Autumn or Spring
Blessed Mabon
Though today is officially autumn
it has been feeling like and looking like autumn  
for weeks now.


American Mink

(you might enjoy this in 'full screen', click on the square in the bottom right corner to see this video larger)

a mink visit
new sounds in the ponds
the muskrats were running and leaping off the island
onto the water
like a belly flop splash
a quiet slinky mink
swimming as well!

I have only seen a mink 3 times now
they are nocturnal
but there it was, hunting in the day

the pipe (in the video) 
is how the water flows from one pond to the next
it is also how the muskrats and mink travel from one pond to the next

I hope you enjoyed the little video
it was joy inspiring to be so close
as long as I stood still the mink seemed to think me a tree

a few days later
at a friends home
we saw a mink fishing in the lake

two minks in one week!


Spots and Dots

a week ago
I found this mushroom rising through the earth
a splash of dirty color:

I visited it and photographed it every day
It took 7 days from beginning to end

it was the only mushroom around

it was a fun and interesting thing to do

out in the back meadow 
the grasses are now taller than I
they are speckled with ladybugs

this is the first summer that I have seen so many of these 
little gem-like bugs

this seasons fawns are quite dapper in their spots

sharing a scattering of spots and dots 
from my forest


Season of Flowers

some views
change one's breathing

meadows of flowers
can right one's spirit

 at my elevation 
most flowers have gone to seed
but the mountains
still offer flowers galore

colors divine

mixed with mountains and sky
one's heartbeat comes true

Wandering paths and mountain roads are such a nice way to enjoy summer wildflowers!

I am sharing this with Whims & Fancies
last Thursday of each months:
Wandering Camera

Season of Flowers!