Little Glimpses, Rocky Mountain Front, Montana

gone to seed:

translucent catapillar:

 lovely in this stage:

some things are still beginning:

vibrant lichen:

beyond vibrant lichen:

fossil of shells of long ago:

protection of thorns:

not as many flowers, still full of beauty:

cave art from so very long ago:


Beckoning: Montana Roads

last week I wandered in and out of the Rocky Mountain Front
up and down it's dirt roads and trails
taking to heart where the vast Montana prairie meets the foothills
of the Rocky Mountains

not much light as I arrived
all the same I called it home and found it entirely inviting

during the night clouds departed
twinkling of stars filled the dark night sky

 sunrise amongst the volcano reef:

where the prairie and mountains mingle:

wandering amongst the canyons:

the Benchmark wildfire's smoke was in the air:

such a wonderful place to wander


Montana Butterflies

wings grace our days
a north west summer delight
some are camouflage
others a showy display
enjoy a few
of Montana's butterflies


Montana Summer Wildflowers

mist and pink
wearing morning light

pink and green
bathing in forest sunshine

tiny alpine flowers
bathed in spheres of light

1. what is the first flower?
2. Pipissewa
3. Brook Saxifrage