autumn holding on

nearing the threshold of winter
autumn lingers on

the path through the forest was coated in an inch of snow 
wound this way and that to the lake, the frozen lake

reeds now held firm, leaned and stood with grace
reminiscent of masterful zen brush strokes

 we have had frosty mornings
for a couple of weeks

new expressions (for me)
like this spiky rime frost
for sharing the name of this frost!)

the frost grows in the direction that the weather arrives from 
the west
among the gray day
i did find a splash of color

soon Autumn will turn to winter
it has has a good long season this year

though in some parts of Montana they are in winter already
with deep snow falling a few times

Lovely ending days of autumn to you 
and yours




Late Autumn

autumn rains were most welcome 
after a dry summer

(I wish I could send it to California, along with the snow we got)

peppermint drop lichen
on an old log in the woods

seeing aqua logs in the woods is always a joy
they can be found, but not that many

autumn colors are past now
it was a lovely season

then the snow arrived....
so darn pretty

I thought winter arrived
but in most places it has melted away
( I live in a snow belt, the snow is still here )

the gentle lovely light of sunset

autumn leaning towards winter

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lovely days and nights to you