Snyder Lake, Glacier National Park

along your shore
touching the edges of your waters
letting the air
through a sensuous breeze
permeate my flesh
change my spirit
colors of this day
do purify
all thoughts
born anew
in you

to enjoy other folks wonderful photography


Late Summer Wildflowers

Mountain Bog Gentian

 precious flowers of the wild
late summer beauties make me smile
growing in the mountains high
delicate strength in which you thrive
your beauty has me on my knees
admiration for you
turns into a gift for me

 St. John's Wort

 fringed grass of parnassus

visit: Lisa Chaos's Macro Monday enjoy other folks
wonderful close up photography!

I took these photos early this month.


Autumn Equinox

spirit of the wild surrounds me
held in a clouds embrace

howling wind
lifts and blows
revealing vast horizons
valleys mountains
forests turning golden
fog clouds rain hail
wind the paint brush
spirit of the wild

on the threshold of Autumn
weather changes every moment
colors dance as leaves take flight
it is a lively and wild time

wishing you a lovely Autumn

in my last post I offered 3 greeting cards from my Spirithelpers 
website to the person who could tell me what the tiny red 
fungi were. 

Cobi from Paddestoelengek guessed:
I think they are Scutellina scutellata.
I think that is what they are too, thanks to the help from my 
fungi teacher, Larry Evans, from Fungal Jungle.

Congratulations Cobi!
I thank everyone for joining in the fun and guessing!


Do You Love Fungi?

this is one gorgeous fungi season
the enchanting creatures are popping up everywhere
my favorite time to visit
is in the morning light

I have never seen this second photo, the orange red one
it is quite tiny.
Be the first person to tell me what it is
in the comment section 
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and choose 3 greeting cards, as a thank you from me!

I have been eating these wonderful little puff  balls, cooked,
they have a nutty flavor that I love.
But don't take my word on them being edible, 
do your research! Get to know them, yum. 
Or just enjoy there wonderful form for viewing.

here is another photo of the mushroom that I want to know the name of
this photo shows the size better



Jelly Fungi ~

finding orange jelly fungi
cuddled as it should
with the lovely forest clover
life is just so good

I just bought my first cord of wood, anyone want to help me chop the big pieces
and stack it up? ha
Only three more cords to go.....
It will feel so good to be prepared for winter.




so many choices rise
as I browse through yesterdays photography
of my time in 
Glacier National Park
rocks beneath water
rising mountains in their majesty

a friend once shared with me
having an option
a choice
is such a grand thing
a sense of freedom
to live ones dream
so I choose to share nature's beauty
with you




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to enjoy beauty, visit: Scenic Sunday

Thank you Dan