Jelly Fungi ~

finding orange jelly fungi
cuddled as it should
with the lovely forest clover
life is just so good

I just bought my first cord of wood, anyone want to help me chop the big pieces
and stack it up? ha
Only three more cords to go.....
It will feel so good to be prepared for winter.



  1. Oh, Tammie--I can see the fun in this piece--It is obvious that little clover flower finds the orange fungi--wearing such a different color than her green robes, so delightful. No wonder she's cuddled next to that gorgeous hunk.


  2. Fabulous..joyful and full of spirit..gorgeous post and imagery!

  3. oh oh oh!! what perfection!! xo

  4. thanks for making me smile Beth! Yes such a gorgeous hunk and she is willing to share him with me!

    lucky me~


    Hello Kiki,

    It is so exciting to find this little mushroom! I had one near my door a few years ago, it came up in the same place the following year, i was so happy to see it every day. They last for a long time! But then it did not come last year.... boo hoo
    The other day I found this in the woods with two others, ah, so happy!

    Hello Lynne,

    thank you!

  5. Hi Tammie :-)
    ma è commestibile questo fungo ?
    Mi piace molto la sua forma e il suo colore così arancio !!
    Buona serata :)

  6. Beautiful! The color of the fungi is fantastic.

  7. Great colors in the shot. I don't believe I have this formation, but do see witches butter on dead logs sometimes.

  8. Perfect Fall post!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  9. Perfect combination of colour from Mother Nature again - and a fantastic photograph. Errr... I'm not very good at chopping - sorry!

  10. just love your blog! absolutely -
    and is this your little cabin in the mountains??? oh, be still my heart!!! you're living my wannabe life! :)

    in any event, thanks so much for dropping by my travel journal - have you been over to my poetry blog at words unspoken?

    again - love your wonderful blog and i'll be back!

  11. I'll be right up, Tammie - I can supervise! I have never seen that type of fungus. The color and shape along with the clover is perfection.

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  13. I like the fungus photo. How cool is that?

  14. I have seen that kind of fungi in our travels...or one similar. It is the most curious of things! Wish we were nearby to help you chop up the wood. One of our crabapple trees is dying, and so we had some extra fire wood. I'm sad because the tree is so beautiful. I will be sorry to lose it.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  15. Great shot, I've never seen a fungus like that.

  16. Hi,
    What a great photogragh !!!
    And you know I grew up in a place where everyone cut their own wood and one would need a few cords to get through the winter. I hope the winter and the cutting is kind.
    Very best wishes,

  17. Nice shot of the fungi and clover friends.... I have about a cord and a quarter still to stack, got almost 3 done already! A bit to split as well, and the weather is turning, having my first fire in the woodstove tonight! Its suppose to dip into the lower 40's.... kitty is sprawled in front of the stove and the house is nice and toasty. You have that to look forward to...!

  18. Would that I was closer Tammie. I really would help you chop and stack. It was one of those Fall projects that I never looked forward to but always felt great when it was done.

  19. With so little natural orange in nature (at least here!), I am always delighted to find the little orange jelly fungi.

    I would help you split your wood, but I'm afraid the commute would be a killer! :=}

    We got one of those electric log splitters, and our work was made MUCH easier - I will never go back to an axe again!

  20. This is really beautiful. Wish I am staying nearby there to help you chopping the wood.:)

  21. Orange jelly fungi...I never knew such a thing existed! Beautiful photo as always. Love the whimsy of your poetry. Good luck with your wood!!

  22. A perfect color mix and a touch of poetry:beautiful picture!

  23. I would love to try and help you but I'm not sure I'd be any good at it! -)

    The little 'jelly' looks like wax to me! Have a wonderful weekend Tammie!

  24. ah such delicacy.. beautiful companions, wonderful colours.

    hope the wood chopping is going well.. hard work but will make for a cosy winter:)

    ..and if i wasn't so far away, i'd be there to help you chop wood by the way :o)

  25. Orange and green: perfectly complementary -- great find!

    Good luck with your wood-splitting. We did that one year and decided afterward to splurge on pre-cut wood (from our neighbor). Hopefully this means you'll have plenty of wood to heat plenty of water for the long hot soak you're gonna want when this job is done.

  26. Thank you, a perfect picture for a fungi addict like me! Beautiful.

  27. I really like your jelly fungi!
    I'd come help you chop your firewood, but I'm still working on ours. Good luck with yours!

  28. WOW!! Love this one Tammie. We dont have anything as attractive here. I love the photo with the green contrast in it.

    Hope you find someone to help you with your wood. :)

  29. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I have been thinking of you a lot although I haven't been blogging for quite some time. It was your comment that made me want to come back. And although I know I haven't been commenting I've read every single one of your posts:)

    I have been enjoying my ring very much! It's still my very favourite:)

    Is that your house on the last picture? It looks so lovely there! I too live pretty much in the woods but now more and more people are building houses here but it is still pretty green! I love having nature around;)

  30. I can't believe how fast fall came upon us! It was like it happened overnight. It is a nice feeling getting prepared for winter. Oh, and sitting in front of the woodstove on a cold night! Bliss!

  31. Oh Tammie, how wonderful are your photos. I fell in love with that orange jelly fungi..near the wood. You a re such a talented woman. You can capture the beauty of nature so perfectly! Congratz!!!

  32. So many beautiful pictures here.
    Wishing you a nice week:)

    Greetings from Norway:)


  33. Beautiful shot of the fungi. I have never seen that before.

  34. Okay, that tiny little sentiment is the CUTEST little bundle of words I've "felt" in a very long time. I'm saving that and posting it on my computer to remind me of the whimsy in life and the power of noticing. I'm having a love affair with the color orange lately too. 2nd chakra stuff I guess... Thank you Tammie! Once again, for engaging me so thoroughly.

    Kristy from Koda's Totems

  35. hi tammie, was just catching up here after being away, and this is such an amazing place to visit. Your photographs are incredible.


  36. Beautiful shot! I'll help chop if you provide the belly warmer when we sit by the fire. ;)

  37. Leave it to nature to come up with something as outrageous as fungi. And so pretty.

  38. You have made fungi look beautiful!

  39. The place looks very wood and good! Nice fungi flower, it just looks alike :)

  40. winter...blech
    Although they are calling for LOTS of snow this year which I am ok with. It usually means warmer temps. Woodsmoke is a great smell...You live in paradise!

  41. Hi there Tammie I'm so gladd to be back.
    And how much I would love to help you out chopping wood. I'll bring my own pro axe so we can work together. Than when our arms and back will be sore and we can have a coffee over it while chatting along.
    How much fun would that be.
    When can I come over?
    Hugs D.

  42. Tammie, I DO LOVE FUNGI!!!
    hug, hug..
    ps...we use wood for heat too...having it all ready to go when winter hits makes me feel rich...lol


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