Blessed by the presence of Sunlight

The sun came out to light up our world
a few times this week
we got fresh glorious snow

pink can be a glorious offering
when she dances
with sunlight
and snow

and pink
mixed with golds
is something we all should get to know

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Phantoms of the Day

being in the depth of
where the days are
and the nights are
still I stay up
still I stay up

when I slide into
in the depth of
the phantoms of
seem to have their

memories of tender
of wild fantastic
of dreams unmet
fears of what the past might

my thoughts whisper to
imagined scenarios
set in wakeful
of things that may never
never be

phantoms of the day
seem to have their way
have their way
with me
as I toss and turn
for an hour
before I drift
into a night of

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I saw the SKY!

This is my fourth winter. You read that right, the kind of winter with weather, snow, lots of gray days, ice and ice crystals, barely feeling the warmth of the sun for up to five months. Before these four years my life was in Southern California. Don't get me wrong, winter exists there, well all the folks with obvious seasons chuckle over that, I know. The seasons down south are more SUBTLE. Anyway, it has been gray for gosh... ten days at LEAST. I have not been my normal cheery self for about two months, for a number of reasons. I am guessing the lack of sun had it's effect in my more fragile state of being. With the encouragement of a friend I drove up to our ski mountain to get above the clouds. Now that was a brilliant suggestion! My spirit lifted immediately. The light went right in my eyes and touched my heart and my spirit was light and cheerful. Twas amazing to witness and feel this! Here is an image from up there:

Then I drove back down into the Flathead Valley, back into the clouds.....
Not much light, but I found beauty:

I went into a store, came out to find the sun and blue skies!!!
Here are sunset images:

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Unending Mystery

Be it a drop of melting snow on a lovely spring flower
an ice crystal that grew through the night
when we look at the details of life
the mystery is unending

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One World ~ One Heart Giveaway


I am pleased to say that I am participating in Lisa "oceandreamer" Swifka's : One World ~ One Heart giveaway. This event was created to meet new and wonderful people. This will be my second year to participate in this worldwide blogging event.

My Giveaway is open to Everyone (even if you don't have a blog).

Simply leave a comment on this post by midnight February 11th MST. Be sure to include your name and email so that I can contact you if you are the winner. I will announce the winners on February 12, 2009.

I will be giving away two separate gifts:

The first name drawn will receive an 8"x10" photographic art print of your choice. To choose your print go to my Etsy Store, maybe you will choose this one:

The second name drawn will receive a gift set of 4 of my greeting cards, your choice again, but maybe you will choose these four:

If you have a blog you may wish to participate in this giveaway as well. Or if you would like to go to the list of other OHOW giveaways ; you can find more information about this event at: One World One Heart.

Being as this is called: One World One Heart event, do you have anything you do to inspire a heart connection with the world in your daily life? I would love to hear about it in your comment!



each moment
each step
each breath
for me
is a pilgrimage
a homage
to the next and the one that came before

to wander deeply into a soft heart
is to immerse into a vast world
of unending delicacies

how many snowflakes lay on a forest's winter floor
how many stars paint the night
how many grains of sand live in the sea
life is an unending pilgrimage for me

though I live in a tiny cabin I call home
I still live with a feeling of wandering

Four years ago I began a pilgrimage
wandering in a few countries
writing and honoring the wisdom that was revealed within
the quiet words
listening to the voice of the wind
the sway of the trees
and songs of the birds

each moment is a sacred journey

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Glimpse of a week of winter skies

Morning sunlight is subtle
it pours through a thin layer of off white clouds
all is painted in pearlescent light
soft shadows of gray show off
impressions left in the crusty surface of snow
who passed when I was not here
will they pass when I am some day
there is enough warmth in this frozen morning
to release the scent of the trees
I walk inhaling
feeling the scent permeate my insides
I feel as though a tree now lives


heading up the N.Fork, I love how I can see the lines of the hills in winter:

there's no road under that snow! I have to say 'tis a lovely place to wait to be rescued. Seven people stopped to ask if I need help, the last person with skill, was able to pull me out. I love Montana!:

in town:

sunset can takes ones breath away
replacing it with light:

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Many snow critters & many icicles

Recently, at sunset I came upon these snow critters.
I am amazed to see all the wondrous forms that snow can take.

The chant of the wolves rises and falls
as the light of the moon
shines and disappears again
through the night's clouds

have you heard the wolves sing
their song makes me stop everything
to step out into the night

their muzzle must be held to the sky
in order to reverberate
as it does through the forest

always I wonder what are they doing
what inspires that enchanting call
for it takes spectacular events to make me

like when large slabs of ice
and snow
slide off a roof
crashing into the snow below

crashing to the porch:

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What Flower is this?

Towards the end of last July I came upon this little flower as I walked through the woods. It was growing near a creek and was the only one I ever found. I have tried to identify it, with no luck. If my memory has any reality to it, I believe this little flower was about 3/4" across and the plant maybe 8 to 10 inches high. I found it in NW Montana, USA. The first person to tell me what it is (in the comment section) can choose one of my greeting cards from my etsy store: spirithelpers.net as a thank you from me.

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Blue and Clouds

Blue and clouds
they fill our souls
the flight of birds
the golden sun
shines warmth
upon our wings
and we take flight
glory be
peace does fill
our souls
spilling over
with love
to be
to share
with all

Something in me wants to honor the beauty of today, the sky and poetry that rise with today's sun. Yet today I share images from October 2008 and a poem I wrote in 1979. In a sense I find the blue skied images a wonderful treat amongst all our gray days. If you want to see our gray day look at my last post.

The first image was taken on the East side of the Rocky Mountains. The next image is nearing home.

An hour after I published this post the sun rose, peaking through dark clouds lighting up my world. I have to share an image of the sky today:

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Tender Memories

Sadness lingers
infusing my world
in shades of gray

fog settles in meadows
same as my mind

hilltops rise to a
clear sky
yet my heart
rests in tender

Inspire Me Thursday prompt: fuse ( in my case; infuse)


In One

Fluffy piles of snowflakes blanket the earth
known as champagne fluff
snowshoes sink deep
wandering a familiar route
my endless yard called wilderness
I realize I am rarely driven to leave home
in one meadow
a world of life thrives
in a quiet winter way

In one word
In one meadow
In one lover
the entire universe can be experienced
this is my sense
Is there anywhere else to go


First Day of a New Year ~ 2009

As we enter a new year I offer heart felt wishes that life on our planet finds peace in the beauty of simple things
perhaps in the morning light:

Trusting that this sort of beauty enhances our ability to be kind, wise, generous of heart and considerate of all life:

There is something about light that can inspire inner intimacy
once this is experienced
affinity with the world is possible

May 2009 bring many blessings to our world~

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