A Camping Trip


the beauty of an autumn day

shadows and light

trails are getting colorful!

little cutie pie

a young bighorn sheep, horns still small


mamma and youngster

they were a nice surprise at the top of the trail 

I looked up to see 6 of them

well hello there

Running Eagle Falls is always meaningful to visit

there is a feeling of the sacred in the area

and is just that to the native people of the area.

earlier in the year there is also water pouring over the top of this fall. 

This time of year one can see the cave quite clearly.



These are glimpses of Two Medicine, 

an area of Glacier National Park.




Change of Season

Simple things like raindrops on a feather imbue the morning with magic

I have a wild apple tree
and someone climbed in it and broke branches and ate all the apples!
Bear? Deer? Fox? 
(update: it was a grizzly bear that got the apples, every single apple on the tree, gone)

we have gotten 3 rainstorms lately
mushrooms are fruiting through the crust of the earth
the season changed 4 weeks early, from hot summer to cool autumn
warm in the sun 
cool in the shade

some are drying out and becoming wonderfully artful:

the baby fawn is growing up!

still sticks close to mamma